300+ Geography Trivia Questions

Geography Trivia Questions

Knowing the world and its geography is always interesting. Sometimes, we even don’t know some great facts and places about the country we live in. In this regard, many people love to get to know new and unique things about the geographical aspects of their place, as well as about the states. Not only that, but such knowledge is also helpful while visiting any country for the tourism purpose.
For this reason, I have shared more than 300 Geography Trivia Questions and Answers. They are categorized under different headings and they are too interesting to know.

Firstly, just read the question and don’t look at the answer. Think a little, answer the question and then look if you were correct or not. I hope you will get loads of knowledge and fun!

List of Geography Trivia Questions

US Geography Trivia Questions and Answers
US Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. What’s the smallest state of the U.S.

    Rhode Island

  2. Which state is the Lake Winnebago situated?


  3. What’s the longest river in the United States?


  4. Name the largest American state by area?


  5. Where does the Rio Grande river rise from?

    San Juan Mountains

  6. In which city the Bristlecone pine found?


  7. In which state, Mount Rushmore is located?

    South Dakota

  8. Name the largest lake in the U.S.

    Lake Superior

  9. Name the capital of Florida.


  10. Which state has the longest coastline in the United States?


  11. Where is Iolani Palace located?

    Honolulu, Hawaii.

  12. Name the U.S State nicknamed as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”.


  13. Where is the mountain Mauna Kea located?


  14. Name the deepest lake of the United States.

    Crater Lake.

  15. In which U.S. State the Atlantic City is located?

    New Jersey.

  16. The Waipio Waterfall in the U.S, originates from which stream?

    Kekee Stream

  17. Which city shares the border with Canada?


  18. Where is Crater Lake situated?

    In Oregon.

  19. Name the northernmost, easternmost, and the westernmost state.


  20. How many states have a border with Mexico?


  21. Is Columbia a state or a district?


  22. Which U.S. state has the highest number of endangered species?


  23. Which place has 43 buildings with their own zip code?

    Manhattan, NY City.

  24. In which state the Big Island is situated?


  25. How long is the Niagara Fall Channel?


  26. How many U.S. states are landlocked?


  27. Which U.S. state touches only one state?


  28. Which two states do not share a border with any other U.S. state?

    Alaska and Hawaii.

  29. The great Canyon Park is situated in which state?


  30. Which state is the second largest by population?

    Los Angeles.

  31. Name the capital of Arizona.


  32. Name the lowest point of the country?

    Death Valley.

  33. Name the tallest mountain of the U.S.

    Mount McKinley.

  34. How many regions is the country divided into?


  35. Name the highest point of the country?


  36. Which state the Death Valley is situated?


  37. Which lake is located entirely in the border of U.S.?

    Lake Michigan.

  38. What is the capital of South Dakota?


  39. Sacramento is the capital of which state?


  40. Where is Lake Okeechobee situated?


  41. Name the smallest state of U.S.?

    Rhode Island.

  42. Name the largest state of U.S.?


  43. Which State is the northernmost community of New England?


  44. Which two states donated land for the creation of Washington D.C?

    Maryland and Virginia

  45. Name the longest river in U.S.

    River Missouri

  46. How much oxygen of the world is supplied by Amazon rainforest?

    20 percent.

  47. Name the largest canyon of the world?

    The Great Canyon.

  48. Which U.S. city has the largest population of Polish?


  49. Name the place of ever first paved road.

    Woodward Avenue, Detroit

  50. What is the full name of Los Angeles?

    El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula

  51. Name the only state that enters in Eastern Hemisphere?


  52. Where is the Gulf of Mexico situated?

    Between the Yucatan and Florida peninsulas.

  53. Which U.S. state is known as the Garden state?

    New Jersey

  54. Which mountains of South America are growing higher?

    Mountain Andes.

  55. Which river flows through the great Canyon?

    Colorado River

  56. In which country Panama Canal is situated?


World Geography Trivia Questions and Answers
World Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Which country has the most of the natural lakes?


  2. Name the main Island of Japan?


  3. Which country ranks first in oil and gas?


  4. What is the total height of Niagara Falls?

    167 ft.

  5. Where is the Mountain Lhotse situated?


  6. Which only part of the Mid-Atlantic range is above water?


  7. Where is Mountain Thor situated?

    In Canada

  8. Kekes is the highest geographical point of which country?


  9. Which countries share the largest International border?

    America and Canada

  10. Which country borders Switzerland to the North?


  11. Who owns the land of Antarctica?

    No one

  12. Name the country which is home to the Lake Great Slave?


  13. Name the third largest continent in the world.

    North America.

  14. In which regions of the world, 99 percent of the glaciers are present?

    Arctic and Antarctic.

  15. Where is Nanga Parbat situated?


  16. Which only city is present in Asia and Europe?


  17. Which country covers the 9 percent of the fresh water of the world?


  18. How much is the maximum limit of mountains in England?

    One Thousand Meters

  19. How many seas border continent Asia?


  20. How many oceans border continent Asia?


  21. How many countries share their border with Russia?


  22. What is the highest point in France?

    Mont Blanc

  23. How many parks are there in the UK?


  24. In which continent Himalaya mountain range is situated?


  25. Name the largest country in the world by area.


  26. Where is Arabian desert situated?

    West Asia

  27. How many countries are included in North America?


  28. How much area of Egypt is acquired by the River Nile?

    22 percent

  29. What strait divides Morocco and Spain?

    Strait of Gibraltar

  30. Name the highest mountain in the United Kingdom?

    Ben Nevis

  31. Fill in the Blank. The UK is the _____ largest Island of the World.


  32. How many borders the UK shares with Northern Island.


  33. How many oceans have a coast on Russia?


  34. Name the countries which made up United Kingdom.

    England, Scotland, Northern Island, and Wales.

  35. Name the country which has a boot-shaped?


  36. Where is the River Amazon situated?


  37. Name the animals which are present nowhere than Australia.

    Kangaroo and Koala

  38. How long is the Great Barrier Reef of Australia?

    1200 Miles.

  39. Wellington is the capital of which Island nation?

    New Zealand

  40. Name the smallest desert of the world.

    Carcross Desert.

  41. Where is the Monge Waterfall situated?


  42. Which river runs through Baghdad?

    River Tigris

  43. Name the largest continent of the world.


  44. Where is Thar Desert situated?


  45. Name the smallest continent of the world.


  46. Name the longest river of India?

    River Ganga

  47. Where is red sea situated?

    Between Asia and Africa

  48. Name the largest Island in the world?


  49. Name the largest Peninsula of the world?

    Arabian Peninsula.

  50. In which continent the River Yenisey-Angara situated?


  51. Name the world’s largest lake island?

    Manitoulin Island

  52. Name the largest desert of the world.

    Sahara Desert.

  53. How many rivers are in Russia?


  54. India is how many times larger than Japan?

    8 times.

  55. Name the coldest desert of the world.

    Antarctic Polar desert.

  56. Which is the greenest country in the world?


  57. How many seas bordered the territory of Russia?

    12 seas.

  58. How many sanctuaries are in Russia?


  59. Which country of Europe has the highest population?

    Russian Federation

  60. Name the largest Plateau in the world.

    Tibetan Plateau

  61. Where is River Thames?

    London, UK

  62. Which South Asian country is 12 times larger than UK?


  63. Where the Aconcagua Mountain is situates?

    South America.

  64. Name the second smallest continent?


  65. Which Scandinavian country lies between Norway and Finland?


  66. Name the Pakistan’s longest river.

    Indus River

  67. How many rivers are there in India?


  68. Where is Hulun Lake situated?

    Inner Mongolia

  69. Name the third smallest country by area.


  70. Where is the Lake Torrens located?

    South Australia

  71. In which region (continent) the Greenland Island is situated?

    Arctic region

  72. Which Island state was formerly known as Formosa?


  73. Which country owns the territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon?


Hard Geography Trivia Questions and Answers
Hard Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Which American State could fit the entire world’s population, inside?


  2. What’s the second largest geographical name of any place?

    Taumatawhakatangihangak oauauotamateaturipukaka pikimaungahoronukupokaiwhe Nua kitanatahu

  3. Which Mountain has the greatest Vertical drop?

    Mt. Thor

  4. How high was the tallest Iceberg of the history?

    550 ft.

  5. Which country is the home to Lake Kioga?


  6. Name the continent formerly known as Alkebulan?


  7. Chile shares majority of its border with which country?


  8. Name the driest place on the planet.


  9. What is the highest point of Greenland Island?


  10. In which country the Lake Rudolf is situated?


  11. Which place has no spot more than 125 miles for the ocean?

    Central America

  12. What is the lowest geographical point of Mexico?

    Laguna Salada

  13. Where is Qogir situated?


  14. Where is the Lake Texcoco situated?


  15. Which sea separates the East African coast and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula?

    Red Sea.

  16. How many main Islands are there in Bermuda country?


  17. What is Taumatawhakatangihangak oauauotamateaturipukaka pikimaungahoronukupokaiwhe Nua kitanatahu?

    A hill in New Zealand.

  18. Which country surrounds Lesotho?

    South Africa.

  19. Where is the Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll llantysiliogogogoch village situated?


  20. Which 2 countries have borders with 14 countries?

    China and Russia.

  21. What is the meaning of the word “Canada”?

    Indian Village

  22. How many Caribbean Islands are inhabited?

    2 percent.

  23. How high is the Mountain Puncak Juya?

    16,023 ft

  24. What is the highest geographical point of Bermuda?

    Town Hill

  25. Name the deepest Gorge of the world.

    Hells Canyon

  26. In which country Mount Kilimanjaro situated?


  27. How many Indian states share border with Myanmar?


  28. Name the highest point in Croatia?


  29. How many countries are included in South Asia?


  30. Name the shortest place on the earth?


  31. Which Mountain is closest to the space?

    Mt. Chimborazo.

  32. How many countries share border with India?


  33. Which ice sheet has the largest reservoir of fresh water?


  34. Name the smallest river in the UK?

    River Nene

  35. Name the largest river drainage basin of the world.


  36. Nearly half of the land water is drained at which place?

    Atlantic Ocean.

  37. Which lake in Siberia contains more water than any other on the Earth?

    Lake Baikal

  38. Where is Karakum Desert?


  39. How long is the River Thames?

    346 Kilometers

  40. Where is the Lake Eyre situated?


  41. In which country the Lake Assal is situated?


  42. Australia lies between which two oceans?

    Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

  43. Name the Mountains situated at the South-Eastern end of Australia?

    Blue Mountains.

  44. Name the only sea having no-coasts?

    Sargasso Sea

  45. What is the lowest point of Europe?

    Caspian Sea.

  46. Niagara falls connects which two lakes?

    Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

  47. Which is the longest railway in the world?

    Trans-Siberian Railway

  48. Name the lowest elevation in Australia?

    Lake Eyre

  49. Name the oldest mountain in the world.

    Ural Mountains.

  50. Name the smallest Island with a country status?


  51. Name the highest point in Australia?

    Mt. Kosciuszko

  52. Name the largest sea in the world.

    Mediterranean Sea.

  53. Which two cities are separated by Niagara Falls?

    Ontario and NewYork.

  54. How many cities Trans-Siberian Railway passes through?

    87 cities.

  55. How much area of the Earth is covered by the Continent Asia?

    30 percent.

  56. Where is the Lake Vanern situated?


  57. Name the lake which is the geographical center of Russia.

    Lake Vivi.

  58. Name the world’s largest active volcano.


  59. Name the lowest elevation of the Antarctica.

    Bentley Subglacial Trench

  60. Name the razor-thin country accounted for more than half of the South American western coastline?


  61. Name the monetary unit used in Thailand?

    Thai Bhat

  62. Name the highest elevation of Antarctica.

    Vinson Massif

  63. Where is the world’s largest active volcano situated?


  64. How deep is the Japan Sea?

    12, 276 ft.

  65. Name the largest swamp in the world.

    Russian Great Vasyugan swamp

  66. The total area of Siberia is equal to the area of which country?


  67. What’s the other name of the Dead sea?

    Sea of Salt.

  68. Name the longest continental mountainous region in the world.

    The Andes

  69. Which volcano exploded in 1883 with the force of 200 megatons of TNT?


  70. What’s the coldest desert in the world?

    McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

  71. From how many years Ross Island is out of rain?

    2 million years.

  72. How many roads in Canada are unpaved?

    75 percent.

  73. How much is the depth of Java Trench, Indian Ocean?

    24,460 ft.

  74. What is the lowest point on the Land?

    The Dead Sea

  75. What is the mean radius of the earth?

    6,371 km.

  76. Name the third largest ocean in the world.

    Indian Ocean.

  77. Name the second greatest depth of the oceans.

    Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic Ocean

  78. Where is Arctic located on the Latitude?

    90 degree N.

  79. Which country is the home to Dudhsagar Waterfalls?


  80. Name three Basin countries of the Lake Victoria.

    Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya.

  81. How deep is the Arctic Basin?


  82. In which Canadian Park Takkakaw Waterfall is located?

    Yoho National Park

  83. When was the Atlantic Ocean approved as Ocean?


  84. Name the highest point of Arctic.

    Fram Basin

  85. Where is Mt Elbrus situated?


  86. In what city the Brandenburg Gate located?


  87. Old Trafford Stadium is situated near which city?


  88. Each year, which ocean grows one inch wider?

    Atlantic Ocean

  89. In which country the gardens of Babylon situated?


  90. Each year, which ocean shrinks?

    Pacific Ocean

  91. Name the peninsula on which Albania and Serbia are located.


  92. Where is Valdes Peninsula?

    South America

  93. Which valley recorded the ever highest temperature?

    Death Valley

  94. Which river is caused to flow backwards after the three earthquakes of 1811 and 1812?

    Mississippi River.

  95. Name the ever deepest hole drilled by man with large deposits of Hydrogen?

    Kola Superdeep Borehole

  96. In which country is the city of Limerick situated?


  97. In which Austrian Park the Krimmler Waterfall is situated?

    Hohe Tauern National Park

  98. Tell the name of the northeast part of China?


  99. Name the highest Point in Sri Lanka.


  100. What’s the lowest point in Sri Lanka?

    Indian Ocean

  101. Which city is closer to North Pole than New York?


  102. Which place is not in south of North America?

    South America.

  103. Which place is farther west than St. Diego?


  104. What’s the highest geographical point of Pakistan?


  105. Where is Kalahari Desert situated?

    Southern Africa

  106. Which well-known mountain pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?

    Khyber Pass

  107. What is the lowest geographical point of Pakistan?

    Indian Ocean

  108. Which Asian country is slightly larger than West Virginia?

    Sri Lanka

  109. Name the third largest state of the world?


  110. What is the highest geographical point in Japan?

    Mount Fuji

Fun Geography trivia questions and Answers
Fun Geography trivia questions and Answers

  1. Which state you will enter if you travel in east, north, and west in Stamford or Connecticut?

    New York.

  2. How old is the lake Mogilnoe?

    1000 years.

  3. How much fresh water the glaciers store?

    70-80 percent.

  4. Which continent has a central location on the globe?


  5. Which country completely locks Vatican City?


  6. The Island of Cozumel is part of which country?


  7. Name the second largest country by area?


  8. Name the biggest river in the world.


  9. Which lake of the world has four layers of varying salinities?

    Lake Mogilnoe.

  10. Name the longest river of the world.


  11. Name the system that requires one-mile in every five must be straight?

    Eisenhower Interstate system.

  12. The territory of Amazon Rainforest is stretched to how many countries?


  13. Name the largest plain in the world.

    The West Siberian Plain.

  14. Name the first city which reached a population of 1 million.


  15. Which place acquires 25 percent of the world’s forests?


  16. Which canal connects the Red and Mediterranean Sea?

    Suez Canal

  17. Which European country has the smallest population?

    Vatican City

  18. What’s the biggest city of the world?

    Tokyo, Japan

  19. Which continent is the Gobi desert situated?


  20. Which continent is the Sahara Desert situated?


  21. Name the smallest sovereign identity in the world.

    Sovereign Military Order of Malta

  22. Where is the deepest gorge in the world?


  23. How much fresh water the Earth contains?

    97 percent

  24. Name the smallest ocean in the world?

    Arctic Ocean.

  25. What’s the other name of Antarctic Ocean?

    The Southern Ocean

  26. Name the largest city in the world by surface area?

    Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia

  27. Name the largest country in Africa (By area).


  28. Which only continent lies entirely between Northern and Western Hemisphere?

    North America

  29. Name the oldest constitutional Republic.

    St. Marino

  30. Which country is Angels Falls situated?


  31. Which city has more Jews than Tel Aviv, Israel?

    New York

  32. Name the wettest rainforest on the Earth?


  33. Name the smallest country in Asia? (By area).


  34. Name the highest waterfall.

    Angels Falls

  35. Name the two waterfalls inside the Niagara Falls?

    American Falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls

  36. Which continent is joined to two others?


  37. Which continent has more countries than any other continent?


  38. Name the smallest country in Africa (By area).


  39. Which continent is joined to Asia during winters?

    North America

  40. Where is Arica desert situated?


  41. Name the driest inhabited place of the world?

    Aswan, Egypt

  42. Name the hottest place of the world.

    Dalol, Ethiopia.

  43. Name the wettest place in the world.

    Assam, India

  44. What’s the average temperature of Plateau Station?


  45. Name the wettest inhabited place of the world?

    Buenaventura, Columbia

  46. Which Ocean’s coastline sinks four inches in every 100 years?

    Atlantic Ocean

  47. Where is the Rift Valley situated?

    Between Zaire and East Africa

  48. Which new volcanic Island was born in 1963?


  49. Where was Surtsey born?

    At the cost of Iceland

  50. What’s the largest gulf of the world?

    Gulf of Mexico.

  51. Name the largest bay of the world.

    Hudson Bay, Canada

  52. Which is the highest lake level in the world?


  53. How much Titicaca is above the sea level?

    2,500 feet

  54. Name the largest Lagoon?

    Lagoa dos Patos, Brazil

  55. In which continent is the world’s largest river system?

    South America

  56. Name the lowest mountain range.

    Buena Bhaile

  57. Where is Verdens Ende situated?


  58. Name the world’s most southernmost city.

    Puentas Arenas

  59. Which country is slightly larger than United States?


  60. Name the longest river system of North America?

    Mississippi-Missouri River System

  61. In which continent is the Great Bear Lake?

    North America

  62. The autonomous territory of Macau belongs to which country?