50 Thanks giving trivia questions

50 Thanks giving trivia questions

Trivia questions are really important if you are really interested in the fact that you should know someone without any effort. Basically trivia questions you may say are the starting point of any conversation. It means now you can start a conversation even know each other really well with the help of trivia questions.

It’s not like that you can only use trivia questions as a conversation beginning or to know anyone. But you can also use them when you want to know about a particular thing in your best friend’s life or even in your parent’s life. So why not try a session of trivia questions about thanks giving? Yes! Thanks giving one of the most important day of western children life when you came to your parents to show your love and to make them feel happy and to say thanks for their kindness and love that they showed to you and give you such confidence that you can survive in the society and proudly do all with head up. Here we present you 50+ thanks giving trivia questions that will really give you an idea about thanks giving and how your parents want it to be!

History of Thanks Giving Trivia Questions

History of Thanks Giving Trivia Questions

Why not just find out the history of trivia questions? We can’t celebrate an event when we don’t know the origin and basis of that event! So why not just take some time out and find out the real history of thanks giving day. There is not only a hidden history of thanks giving day but a lot more is attached with this event. You can unleash the power of knowledge by a chance of trivia questions. It can be the hurricane for you that will light up your path to the origin and real purpose of this day and the festivity linked to this occasion. Here we present you some of the history of thanks giving trivia questions that will help you understand the real purpose and origin of it.

  1. When thanks giving occur?

    Fourth Thursday in November

  2. Captain John smith founded what colony in Virginia?

    James town

  3. Tell how many days the first thanks giving lasted?

    Three days

  4. How many pilgrims women are believed to have survived to celebrate the first thanks giving?

    Only 5 women survived and they all cooked the meat

  5. What was the original name of pilgrims?


  6. How long was the voyage from England to the new world?

    66 days

  7. Which southern state was first to adopt a thanks giving day in 1885?


  8. How many Turkeys are cooked each thanks giving in America?

    45 million

  9. Why in present thanks giving is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November?

    This date was set by President Franklin D.Roosevelt in 1939 and approved by congress in 194

  10. Who was the president who declared thanks giving as a national, official and annual holiday?

    Abraham Lincoln

  11. How many pilgrims were on the Mayflower?


  12. What was the religious group who were known as pilgrims left England to practice their religion? And what was the place where they went after leaving England?

    Leiden, Holland

  13. In what century was the first pumpkin pies as we know them made?

    In 17th century

  14. What was the animal that was brought to the first thanks giving by the natives of America?


Thanks Giving Parades Trivia

Thanks Giving Parades Trivia

Why the parades are arranged? In general parades are arranged to give honor to someone or to some special occasion. And here comes the thanks giving when you are thanking your parents because they were the ones who were standing with you in all of your hard times and gave you the strength to achieve a sense of confidence and love. When parents are doing this for you so why not give them some honor? And that is why thinks giving parades are arranged to give honor to parents and to tell them that how much you love them. Here we present you some of the thanks giving parades trivia questions that will give some really important information as well.

  1. On the arrival of which famous character of our society the thanks giving parade in America and Macy ends?

    With the arrival of Santa clause

  2. What was the year when thanks giving parade was started in America and Macy?

    In 1924

  3. Which balloon was the first balloon in the 1927 Macy’s thanks giving day parade?

    Felix the cat

  4. Name the oldest thanks giving parade that is currently known?

    6abc Dunkin’ Donuts thanks giving day parade

Turkey Trivia Questions

Turkey Trivia Questions

Every nation has its own taste and culture and sometimes they have such foods that represent a special feast. Like when we talk about eastern countries then Biryani is a dish that makes you feel like it is a feast in fact Biryani itself is a feast. Likewise in western countries Turkey is something that represents a feast as it is a dish that takes lots of time to cook and it cannot be cooked in daily routine. But why not today! Because it is thanks giving so why not make Turkey and show love and importance to your parents or any other person whom you want to say thanks. Here we present you some of the Turkey trivia questions so test your knowledge and have fun!

  1. A full grown turkey has about how many feathers?


  2. What is the wobbly red piece of flesh on the top of the beak of a Turkey?

    A snood

  3. How can a Turkey drown when it’s raining?

    By looking up

  4. Is it the female Turkey or male Turkey that gobble?

    The male, female Turkeys are cackle

  5. What is the estimate that how many Americans eat Turkey at thanks giving?


  6. How many degrees can a Turkey see with its eyes?

    270 degrees it means they can see behind them as well

  7. How fast can a spooked Turkey run?

    20 miles per hour

  8. What is baby turkey called?

    A Poult

  9. Which president is believed to be the first to pardon a Turkey and start this annual tradition?

    President Harry Truman in 1947

  10. What part of Turkey is saved and snapped as superstitious good luck custom in different countries of world?


  11. What is the best place to put the meat thermometer in the Turkey is?

    The Thigh

  12. What bird comes in your mind when you think about thanks giving?


  13. What are most Turkey feathers are used for after the Turkey is plucked?

    They are used as animal food

  14. What is a snood?

    The loose skin under the male turkey’s neck

  15. Tell that how many approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on thanks giving in the United States?

    280 million

  16. Which state raises the highest number of Turkeys?


Thanks Giving Food Trivia Questions

Thanks Giving Food Trivia Questions

Food is something that gives you a chance to celebrate a festival to full extent. Food is really a source of happiness, a way to live life with its full flavors. It means if you really want to enjoy an occasion or event that there is nothing better than food to celebrate that. Every nation and every country has its special flavors and foods that they make on their special days. And when it comes to thanks giving than it is true that nothing and no other occasion is better than thanks giving because it is the only day when we came to our parents and show our love with full hearth and spend some quality time with them. So why not add some special food in the festivity of this day to make it more special and unforgettable. So let’s make something special this thanks giving and show your love to your parents. But what to make on this thanks giving? Here we present you some of the thanks giving food trivia questions to solve your problem and give you some better suggestions.

  1. Which of the following was not served at the Pilgrims thanks giving meal?

    Cranberries, corn and mashed potatoes

  2. What utensil was not used by the pilgrims to eat thanks giving dinner?


  3. What decade was he green bean casserole a thanks giving staple in many households, first created?

    In 1955

  4. What is the food present at the first thanks giving but rarely cooked on thanks giving?

    Sea food is that kind of food that is rarely cooked on thanks giving

Thanks Giving and Harvest Festival Traditions Around the World

Thanks Giving and Harvest Festival Traditions Around the World

There are lots of occasions and special days all around the globe. People celebrate these occasions with full heart and passion. Thanks giving, harvest festival, independence days and many other occasions gives you a chance to have some family time and quality time with your love ones. These kind of festivals really are the treat for masses around the world because it makes a breaking point in your daily hectic routine and gives you some time that you can spend with your own self and can maintain everything as well in your life. For making your festivals more beautiful we present you some of the trivia questions about thanks giving and harvest festival traditions around the world.

  1. Which Indian tribe taught the pilgrims, how to cultivate the land and was invited to the thanks giving meal?


  2. What culture produced the idea of the cornucopia, the horn of plenty?

    Greek culture

  3. Where is the only place in Australia where thanks giving day is celebrated?

    Norfolk land

  4. In Canada when people celebrates thanks giving day?

    On the second Monday of October

  5. What food does Koreans stuffs and eats during Chuseok?

    Rice cakes (Now famous all over the world)

  6. Is thanks giving is a religious occasion?


  7. Who is the Goddess of corn according to Greeks?


  8. How high must a cranberry bounce before it is harvested?

    4 inches

  9. How harvesting is a major event?

    It is the day when you start a new journey as you are going to have money soon and soon their country will have the crops and that is no doubt a big day for all

  10. What is the busiest travel day of the world?

    The Friday after thanks giving

  11. Is thanks giving is celebrated al around the globe?


  12. Why thanks giving day was invented?

    Because in western countries children mostly don’t live with their parents and that is why they celebrate this day so they can spend some quality time with their parents