170+ Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

170+ Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

Thanksgiving is the most foodie festival of the year. People of America and Canada, along with 9 different countries celebrate the harvesting and Thanks to God for all the blessings.

Similarly, for most of the people, a Thanksgiving festival is nothing without eating Turkeys. With the passage of time, many things have changed about the festival but the origin has remained the same.

In this article, we have shared more than 170 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions. Some of them are quite easy while some are hard, but still. All of them are very interesting and unique.

You can play the Thanksgiving trivia after the meal served on the day. And I’m sure; it will make your day more enjoyable.

Easy Thanksgiving Trivia Questions
Easy Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

  1. Who firstly wrote a series about Thanksgiving?

    Sarah Josepha Hale

  2. Only America celebrates the day. True or false?


  3. When did Thanksgiving originate?


  4. Which American President announced Thanksgiving?

    Abraham Lincoln

  5. Thanksgiving occurs on which Thursday of Every November?


  6. Which year labor thanksgiving established in Japan?


  7. In Canada, when is Thanksgiving celebrated?

    2nd Monday of October

  8. Which sauce is a traditional sauce for Thanksgiving?

    Cranberry Sauce

  9. Name the only place in Australia, which celebrates Thanksgiving?

    Norfolk Island

  10. Name the chief of Wampanoag tribe?


  11. Who opened the Plymouth Plantation, which also offers free Thanksgiving meals to the visitors?

    Henry Hornblower

  12. Who was the captain of the ship “Mayflower”?

    Christopher Jones

  13. How many Pilgrims included in the first Thanksgiving?

    50 Pilgrims

  14. How many Wampanoag included in the first Thanksgiving?


  15. Which cutlery item invented after 10 years of the first Thanksgiving?


  16. Turkey was the part of the first Thanksgiving meal. Is the statement True or False?


  17. What was the name of the magazine in which Sarah Hales wrote letters and editorials about Thanksgiving?

    The Godey’s Lady’s Book

  18. How does America’s Thanksgiving Parade conclude?

    With the arrival of Santa Claus.

  19. The Korean Thanksgiving festival lasts for how many days?

    Three days

  20. On the thanksgiving in Japan, where do the kids give their drawings?

    At Police stations

  21. When did the people of Puerto Rico celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

    Last Thursday of November

  22. Which American State produces the most Turkeys in the U.S?


  23. How many years Sarah Joseph wrote editorials letters to convince the American President for celebrating the Thanksgiving Day?

    17 years

  24. According to the Guinness book of world records, how much the heaviest Turkey weighs?

    86 pounds

  25. What’s the busiest travel day of the year?


  26. Which year did the Thanksgiving day become an official Holiday?


  27. Each year in the U.S., approximately how many Turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving Day?

    280 million

  28. Cornucopia means?

    Horn of Plenty

  29. For Americans, Thanksgiving is a national holiday. What’s that for the Canadians?

    Statuary holiday

  30. Do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

    Yes. That’s because it has traditional origins and not religious.

  31. Halloween is after Thanksgiving. True or false.


  32. In which year, America’s Thanksgiving Parade begin?


  33. America’s Thanksgiving Parade is an inspiration of which parade?

    Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade

  34. How many Pilgrims were on the Mayflower?


  35. When do the people of Norfolk Island celebrate Thanksgiving?

    Last Wednesday of November

  36. Where did Pilgrims land in America?

    Cape Cop

  37. Which American President refused to declare the Thanksgiving as a national Holiday?

    Thomas Jefferson

  38. What was the name of Pilgrims’ ship?

    The Mayflower

  39. Does England officially celebrate Thanksgiving?


  40. Instead of balloons, what were included in the Macy’s first Thanksgiving parade?

    Animals from the central park Zoo

  41. What was the original name of pilgrims?


  42. Where did the first Thanksgiving hold?


  43. Name the only baby born in the ship Mayflower?

    Oceanus Hopkins

  44. The Pumpkins are native to North America, but where does the pumpkin pie have its origin?

    England, Europe.

  45. The feathers of Turkey are used for?

    Animal feed

  46. In Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, More than 40 gallons of fluorescent paint and 5 barrels of glitter were used to create the flames of which character?


Hard Thanksgiving Trivia Questions
Hard Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

  1. The word Turkey has originated from a Hebrew word. Tell that.


  2. Which year Thanksgiving was celebrated on the third Thursday of November?


  3. Which President shifted the Thanksgiving celebrations on the third Thursday of November?

    Franklin Roosevelt

  4. Name the bird that is the main course of most of the tables in the U.S. every Thanksgiving was once threatened with extinction.


  5. When did it switch back to the fourth Thursday again?


  6. Each year it is one of the most important parts of the Thanksgiving meal. But those who get pardoned from the President enjoy vacations. What’s that?


  7. Who wrote the book Of Plymouth Plantation?

    Governor William Bradford

  8. Which country celebrates thanksgiving festival on the fifteenth of the eighth month of the lunar calendar?


  9. According to a worldwide report, approximately how much pumpkin pies are eaten on Thanksgiving?

    50 million

  10. Captain John Smith found which colony in Virginia?


  11. In the whole year which day is the busiest for the plumbers?

    Black Friday

  12. Which state firstly adopted Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

    New York

  13. Name the food served at the first Thanksgiving but not presented now?

    Sea Food

  14. How many feathers a grown Turkey has?

    3,500 feathers.

  15. Which year Virginia adopted thanksgiving and become the first among all states?


  16. Three thousand years back, the Native Americans domesticated Turkey for which of its thing?


  17. Name the company that created green bean casserole?

    Dorcas Reilley

  18. Which year Macy’s Christmas parade changed its name to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?


  19. Who wrote the poem “The Courtship of Miles Standish”?

    Henry Longfellow

  20. Mashed potatoes were served at the first Thanksgiving meal. Is that true or false?


  21. On Thanksgiving, what is the standard dessert for the Canadians?

    Pumpkin Pie

  22. Who made the barrels for a beer that pilgrims took with them on the voyage?

    John Alden

  23. How many American towns are named after the nation’s bird?


  24. Which year did the formality of pardoning Turkey begin?


  25. The red wobbly piece on the beak of Turkey is known as?

    A snood

  26. Which place in Turkey is best for putting the meat thermometer?

    A Thigh

  27. Male Turkeys are called as?


  28. Which meat did the Native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving?


  29. According to estimation, baby turkeys are ugly. Is that true or false?


  30. When the Congress did approve fourth Thursday of November as a Thanksgiving Day?


  31. You must put already cooked (and fresh) stuffing in Turkey. True or False?


  32. According to estimation, what percentage of American people eats Turkey on Thanksgiving?

    88 percent

  33. In the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which balloon has appeared more than any other?

    Snoopy Balloon

  34. Name the place situated at Plymouth, Massachusetts, which tells about the Thanksgiving of 17th century?

    Plymouth Plantation

  35. Upper Turkey foot and Lower Turkey foot are the two townships in which American state?


  36. For Americans, which game is as important as Turkey meal is?


  37. When the town of Plymouth celebrates Forefather’s Day?

    11 December

  38. How long is the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?

    2.5 miles

  39. Which year the Continental Congress Proclaimed Thanksgiving in America?


  40. During which war the original Plymouth Rock cracked?

    Revolutionary War

  41. After which year, all American territories and states begun celebrating Thanksgiving?


  42. What was the first TV dinner that was sold?

    Turkey Dinner

  43. What does Japan celebrate on 23rd November?

    Labor Thanksgiving

  44. In 1541, who held the Thanksgiving celebration in Palo Duro Canyon?

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

  45. What’s the day before the Thanksgiving is famous for?

    Highest bar sales

  46. Who is known as the mother of Thanksgiving?

    Sarah Hales

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for all ages
Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for all ages

  1. How many townships of Kansas named after Turkey?


  2. In which month, the Germans celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving Festival?

    Early October

  3. What’s the Korean name for thanksgiving festival?


  4. What part of Turkey is used in the good luck ritual on Thanksgiving Day?


  5. The first Canadian Thanksgiving is often traced back to which year?


  6. At least how many women participated in the first Thanksgiving festival?

    Approximately 5

  7. What’s the former name of 6abc Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade?

    Gimbels Thanksgiving Day parade

  8. There is a country which celebrates thanksgiving same as America, but on the first Thursday of November.Name that.


  9. Which song was originally a Thanksgiving song composed for children to sing in a Boston Sunday School celebrations?

    Jingle Bells

  10. Americans eat the weight of approximately which country’s population as Turkeys?


  11. What’s the original name of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

    Macy’s Christmas Parade

  12. What’s the current name of the oldest Thanksgiving parade?

    6abc Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade

  13. Which NFL team always played on the Thanksgiving except WWII?

    Detroit Lions

  14. The chicks of Turkey are known as?


  15. Female Turkeys are called as?


  16. Martin Frobisher held a Thanksgiving not for the harvest, but for what?

    For surviving in the difficult journey from England

  17. Americans eat Turkey on Thanksgiving. What do the Koreans eat?

    Rice cake.

  18. In which American state the real first Thanksgiving held?


  19. Which year did the Turkeys arrive in Europe?


  20. Which war inspired Abraham Lincoln to proclaim Thanksgiving an annual holiday?

    American Civil War

  21. In 1953, how much Turkeys Swanson ordered mistakenly?

    260 tons

  22. Which American president termed thanksgiving’s national holiday as a ridiculous Proposition?

    Thomas Jefferson

  23. Which other team than the Detroit Lions has been playing on Thanksgiving Day since 1966?

    Dallas Cowboys

  24. Some researchers trace the origin of Thanksgiving in Canada through the settlers of which country?


  25. Which year the real first Thanksgiving held?


  26. What was the first meal of enjoyed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin?


  27. Turkeys cannot fly. True or False?


  28. How much a berry must bounce to ensure it is not too ripe?

    4 inches

  29. Thanksgiving is the main reason of TV dinners. Is the statement true or False.


  30. How much the Turkey weighed that was pardoned by Donald Trump in 2017?

    36 pounds

  31. Name the tallest Balloon, which is 64 feet long?

    The Elf on the shelf

  32. Which balloon was the first in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?

    Felix the Cat

  33. The aspect of eating Turkey at the Thanksgiving Day becomes a common practice in Canada. Who brought the tradition to the country?

    United Empire Loyalists

  34. What’s the natural lifespan of the Turkeys?

    Up to 15 years

  35. In 2016, how many character balloons were created for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?


  36. Who voted for Turkey to be the national bird?

    Ben Franklin

  37. The first NFL football game took place on Thanksgiving Day in 1934. Which two teams participated?

    Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears

  38. The average amount for the food of 10 people at Thanksgiving costs how much?


  39. What’s the typical slaughter age of Turkey?

    4-5 months

  40. How many states of America provide two-thirds of the Turkeys used at Thanksgiving Day?


  41. Turkeys can drown if they look up in the rain. True or False?


  42. According to scientists, Turkey is the main reason of drowsiness. True or false?


  43. Name the famous rock where the Pilgrims landed?

    Plymouth Rock

  44. Name the animated movie, which revolves around pardoning of a Turkey on Thanksgiving by the American President?

    Free Birds

  45. Name the Turkey pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2017?


  46. The longest balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade was 77-feet long. Name that.

    Red Mighty

  47. Female Turkeys gobble. True or false?

    False, only males gobble.

  48. Before the recent type of thanksgiving, what was it celebrated for in 1611?

    Days of fasting in drought

  49. Name the amino acid found in Turkey?


  50. Of all cranberries that are consumed in the U.S. per year, about many are eaten on Thanksgiving?

    20 percent

  51. In Macy’s Thanksgiving parade what has always been the last float?

    Santa Claus

  52. Since 1927 to 2016, how many characters participated as Balloons?


  53. The meaning of Thanksgiving is?

    Special blessings

  54. What’s the other name for Thanksgiving Day?

    Turkey Day

  55. Who changed the early fast of thanksgiving to a feast?


  56. Name the first Turkey pardoned by President Obama?


  57. In 1924, how many employees participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?


  58. Who explored Canadian Thanksgiving?

    Martin Frobisher

  59. What’s the running speed of wild turkeys when they are frightened?

    20 miles per hour

  60. Until 1682, who made the most of Thanksgiving proclamations?

    Church leaders

  61. Name the American President who first pardoned a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

    Henry Truman in 1947

  62. Before 1536, how many church holidays were there?


  63. People of which American state consume the highest amount of Turkeys?


  64. What was the reason behind changing the day of thanksgiving in 1939?

    Economic recession

  65. Leiden’s autumn thanksgiving celebration in 1617 become the occasion for sectarian disturbance. What’s that called?

    Oktober Feesten

  66. Who proclaimed the first nationwide Thanksgiving in America?

    George Washington

  67. I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country! Who said that to his daughter?

    Benjamin Franklin

  68. Which year the first TV dinner introduced to the public?


  69. How many years Thanksgiving was celebrated on the third Thursday?

    2 years

  70. What was the path of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in 1924?

    Convent Ave to 145th street, NYC.

  71. The full name of Wampanoag is?

    Wampanoag Indians

  72. Elephants were a part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 1924. True or False?


  73. The Greek Goddess of Corn is:


  74. Each year, how many volunteers march along in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?

    More than 8,000

  75. Thanksgiving is harvest celebrations. True or False?


  76. Which American president was against the idea of Turkey as a national bird?

    Thomas Jefferson

  77. Name the table added to the Thanksgiving meal in the 19th century?

    Kiddies’ Table

  78. What did Ohio Dale built in 1998 for celebrating American Thanksgiving Holiday?

    A 52-ft free standing illuminating star

  79. How many days the Mayflower voyage took to reach the New world from England?

    66 days