History Trivia Questions – 300+ Questions and Answers


The history trivia questions are basically related to the happenings and events that have occurred in past and is remembered forever. Most of such happenings are remembered either for the bad or good aspects. However, the history trivia questions are of great importance to test the knowledge and love for the history. The history trivia questions will let you know you’re standing among others when it comes to having the knowledge related to historic events. If you want to test your knowledge on the historic events and happenings, then the article is best for you to test your knowledge. The following passages are having some of the most asked history trivia questions along with answers.

List of Questions for History Trivia

The following are some of the history trivia questions and answers.

  1. Prime minister of which European country was assassinated in 1986?


  2. What was the nickname of the president Duvalier of Haiti?

    Papa Doc.

  3. Which battle ended the Ottoman Naval Supremacy over Mediterranean in 1571?

    The Lepanto Battle.

  4. The first day of which battle was the worst day in the history of the British Army, which suffered 60,000 casualties?

    Battle of the Somme.

  5. What was the name of European prime minister who was assassinated in 1986?

    Olof Palme.

  6. How many years did it take Sir Francis Drake to complete the first circumnavigation of the globe in 1580?

    3 years.

  7. The Battle of Rourke’s Drift in 1879 featured in which war?

    Zulu War.

  8. Who was the first ever Windsor monarch of the United Kingdom?

    George V.

  9. For what period George V served as Windsor monarch of UK?

    1910 to 1936.

  10. What song, popular in the First World War, was written by George and Felix Powell?

    Pack up your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag.

  11. In which year President of Haiti Papa Doc died?


  12. Which is the famous battle of 1346?


  13. Which English scholar, well known for his translation of the Bible into English, was executed in Antwerp in 1536?

    William Tyndale.

  14. Which year resulted in the demolition of the Berlin Wall Begin?


  15. Which state of the USA was shifted to union as their 20th state in 1816?


  16. Which principality was created by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI in 1719?


  17. What was the better known name of Charles I, the King of the Franks, who united most of Western Europe during the middle Ages?


  18. Which English art historian was exposed as a one-time Soviet spy in 1979?

    Anthony Blunt.

  19. Name the tax implemented in England and Wales in 1696?

    Window tax.

  20. Which English philosopher, regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers, was known as the Father of Classical Liberalism?

    John Locke.

  21. Who is better known as Pol Pot?

    Saloth Sar.

  22. Who commanded the British Expeditionary Force in World War One?

    Field Marshal Douglas Haig

  23. Salvation Army in London was formed by?

    William Booth.

  24. Who is the designer of Regent’s Park located in London?

    John Nash.

  25. What was the name of Charles Lindbergh’s plane in which he completed the first non-stop solo trans-Atlantic flight?

    Spirit of St Louis

  26. What is the current name of Southern Rhodesia?


  27. Who became president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?

    Andrew Johnson.

  28. What explorer of North Carolina never got to finish his (History of the World) while banished to the Tower of London?

    Sir Walter Raleigh.

  29. What presidential election year saw Republicans dub Democrats the party of “Communism, Corruption and Korea”?


  30. Who ordered the seizure of Suez Canal in the year 1956?


  31. Which city is considered as the ancient capital of Wessex?


  32. Which is the death year of Queen Elizabeth I?


  33. What Russian cleric was poisoned, shot and finally drowned on December 30, 1916?


  34. Who is credited with the assassination of American outlaw Jesse James?

    Robert Ford.

  35. In which battle William Wallace defeated English?

    The battle of sterling bridge.

  36. In which year the battle of Sterling Bridge took place?


  37. Which founding father is known for his large signature on the United States Declaration of Independence?

    John Hancock

  38. In which year the vaccination against small pox were discovered?


  39. Who discovered the small pox vaccination?

    Edward Jenner.

  40. Who was the second president of America?

    John Adams.

  41. Who was the first president of America to declare war?

    James Madison.

  42. Which is the oldest university in the USA?

    Harvard University.

  43. When Harvard University was established?

    In 1636.

  44. Who was the leader of Waco Siege?

    David Koresh.

  45. Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

    John Wilkes Booth.

  46. What was the name of the U.S. mail service, started in 1860, that used horses and riders?

    Pony Express.

  47. Which is the second largest city in the Britain during Black Death?


  48. What was the original name of New York City?

    Nieuw Amsterdam.

  49. In which war the battle of Agincourt was held?

    Hundred year’s war.

  50. Which was the first country to have operated in the old age pension scheme?


  51. In which year did Germany participated in old age pension scheme?


  52. Where was first hard rock café opened?


  53. Which was the first capital of USA?


  54. In which city composer Richard Wagner died?


  55. In which country Venice is located?


  56. In which year composer Richard Wagner died?


  57. Of which country Karl Marx was?


  58. What structure was 26.5 miles long until 1989?

    The Berlin Wall.

  59. What explorer of North Carolina never got to finish his (History of the World) while banished to the Tower of London?

    Sir Walter Raleigh.

  60. What Russian cleric was poisoned, shot and finally drowned on December 30, 1916?


  61. What is the famous name of Great Rising of 1381?

    The Peasants’ Revolt.

  62. During the reign of which Queen the loss of Calais happened?

    Mary I.

  63. In which year Titanic sunk?


  64. In 1927, who became the first man to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic?

    Charles Lindbergh.

  65. What was the family name of the Russian rulers from the 17th century until the 1917 revolution?


  66. Which was the first bridge to be built across the River Thames in London?

    London Bridge.

  67. With which country did Britain fought the War of Jenkins ear?


  68. Name the largest naval battle of the World War I?


  69. In which year Abraham Lincoln was murdered?


  70. When was the Wall Street crash happened?


  71. Which U.S. president had a home called The Hermitage?

    Andrew Jackson.

  72. Which famous battle took place on Sunday, 18th June, 1815?

    The battle of Waterloo.

  73. How many U.S. presidents have been assassinated?


  74. Victoria crosses were won by Basil Guy and Lewis Halliday in the military campaign?

    The Boxer Rebellion.

  75. Which comic strip animal was devised to first appear in the year 1931?

    Felix the Cat.

  76. Name the pandemic which almost killed 1 percent of world population in 1918?

    Spanish Flu.

  77. In which year the Victoria Crosses were won by Basil Guy and Lewis Halliday?


  78. Which King of England was executed in 1649 during the English Civil War?

    Charles I.

  79. Which world leader, who came to power in 1949, is famous for his (Little Red Book)?

    Mao Tse-tung

  80. The place of the battle of Omdurman is now included in which African city?


  81. In which country did the Easter Rising take place in 1916?


  82. For which war the battle of Balaclava is famous?

    The war of Crimean.

  83. In which city of France was Joan of Arc died?


  84. How many USA states seceded and formed the original Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War?


  85. What three colors appear on the Italian flag?

    Red, White, & Green.

  86. What name is given to Britain's policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws on early American colonies?

    Salutary Neglect.

  87. In which century the Black Death was held?

    14th century.

  88. Who was the last monarch of British House of Hanover?

    The Queen Victoria.

  89. What was the name of the first Space Shuttle to go into space?

    Space Shuttle Columbia.

  90. Who led a band of abolitionists that seized the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in October 1859?

    John Brown.

  91. Who was the inventor of the thermometer?


  92. In which year thermometer was invented?


  93. When was the space Shuttle Columbia launched?

    April 12, 1981.

  94. Who was born Henry McCarty known as Wild West legend?

    Billy the Kid.

  95. What is the name of the social reformer and UK labor cabinet minister?

    Lord Longford.

  96. Which dung beetle was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians?

    The scarabs.

  97. Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?

    Anne Boleyn.

  98. In which country did Thomas lived who was Italian friar?

    13th century.

  99. Who was the last viceroy of British for sub-continent?

    Lord Louis Mountbatten.

  100. Who was shot outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington on March 30, 1981?

    Ronald Reagan.

  101. Who was president during the U.S. Civil War?

    Abraham Lincoln.

  102. Which mountaineer and his Sherpa became the first men to conquer Mount Everest on May 29, 1953?

    Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

  103. How did Alexander the Great solve the puzzle of the Gordian knot?

    He cut it with a sword.

  104. Who was the ruler of USSR during period 1917 to 1922?

    Vladimir Lenin.

  105. Which Greek historian is known as the (Father of History)?


  106. Among which houses the wars of roses were fought?

    York and Lancaster.

  107. When the wars of roses were fought?

    During 1455 to 1485.

  108. When did UK handed over the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China?


  109. What was the date of handing over Hong Kong back to China?

    June 30th 1997.

  110. In which Libyan city was the American diplomatic compound attacked in September 2012, resulting in the death of the U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stephens?


  111. Which Russian astronaut was the first man to conduct a spacewalk?

    Alexey Leonov.

  112. Which infamous prison was stormed on July 14, 1789?

    The Bastille in Paris

  113. When the compulsory driving testing begun?


  114. Which of the city of Germany had severe bombing during the World War 2?


  115. What is the modern name for Van Diemen's Land?


  116. When was The Bastille in Paris formed?

    During French revolution.

  117. Who was father of the prince Robert Curthose?

    William the Conqueror.

  118. What was the name of king before Queen Victoria?

    William IV.

  119. What was discovered by Pierre-Francois Bouchard?

    Rosetta stone.

  120. An expedition led by Roald Amundsen became the first to reach what on December 14, 1911?

    The geographic south pole.

  121. Who became President of the United States after John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963?

    Lyndon Baines Johnson

  122. The Ptolemy dynasty ruled which ancient kingdom?


  123. The ancient city of Rome was built on how many hills?


  124. In which year Rosetta stone was discovered?


  125. Who was Pierre-Francois Bouchard?

    A Napoleonic soldier.

  126. Which castle in Gloucestershire is believed to be the scene of the murder of King Edward II in 1327?

    Berkeley castle.

  127. Which Empire declared war on Russia in October 1853, suffering a defeat that gave Russia control of the Black Sea?

    The Ottoman Empire.

  128. Who was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean?

    Ferdinand Magellan.

  129. Which historical figure is widely regarded as the greatest of all the Anglo-Saxon scholars?

    The Venerable Bede.

  130. Which disease killed hundreds of people in 1832 in Glasgow?


  131. Name the road which stretched 220 miles from the Exeter to the Lincoln?

    The Fosse Way.

  132. Who was the king who met the rebels of the Peasant’s revolt in 1381?

    The Richard II.

  133. Who was the killer better known as the Whitechapel Murderer?

    Jack the Ripper.

  134. Where in Virginia did General Robert E. Lee surrender to the Union army in 1865, triggering about the end of the U.S. Civil War?


  135. Octavian defeated Mark Antony in which famous naval battle of 31 B.C.?

    The battle of Actium.

  136. For what is Matthew Webb famous?

    He was the first man to swim the English Channel.

  137. Who was the famous member of James Younger Gang in American Outlaw?

    Jesse James.

  138. The Peloponnesian War was fought between Athens and which other ancient Greek state?


  139. When Uncle Sam first got beard, who was the president of USA by the time?

    Abraham Lincoln.

  140. While in prison who did Adolf Hitler dictate Mein Kampf?

    Rudolf Hess.

  141. Which English queen reigned for just nine days?

    Lady Jane Grey.

  142. Which war took place between 1950 and 1953?

    The Korean War.

  143. Which country first recognized Mexico as an independent country?


  144. When was Mexico recognized by USA?


  145. What encyclopedia’s first edition, in 1771, described California as “a large country of the West Indies”?

    Encyclopedia Britannica’s.

  146. Who was the person became president and vice president after resignations?

    Gerald Ford.

  147. For every how many inhabitants there is one in Las Vegas?


  148. What year did the Dow Jones Industrial Average break both the 4000 and 5000 marks?


  149. Who saw his crew dine on wormy biscuits and rats on his fourth voyage to the New World?

    Christopher Columbus.

  150. Who noted that “The ballot is stronger than Bullet”?

    Abraham Lincoln.

  151. Which symbol was linked to the Democratic Party in 1870?


  152. How was Cleopatra killed?

    By snake.

  153. Who was the queen of Russia?

    Catherine the great.

  154. What disgraced vice president’s high school yearbook quote read; “An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow”?

    Spiro Agnew.

  155. What Harry Callahan said which invoked tax increasers?

    Go ahead, make my day.

  156. Who did George Bush accuse of being “a card-carrying member” of the American Civil Liberties Union, in 1988?

    Michael Dukakis.

  157. Which country led the Arabian countries to have membership in the troops participated in the Operation Desert Storm?

    Saudi Arabia.

  158. For what purpose Australia was used by England?


  159. Who hated cats?

    Innocent Pope I.

  160. Name the youngest man to have chaired Joint Chief of Staff?

    Colin Powell.

  161. Who had a disease which made him go crazy?

    King George of England.

  162. Who had lead the Million man march to Washington?

    Louis Farrakhan.

  163. Who were first people along with native people in Canada?


  164. Which wife of Henry VIII gave birth to Elizabeth I?

    Anne Boleyn.

  165. Which country came under a resolution?


  166. Who fought together against England?

    The Indians and French.

  167. What Viet Minh called the men who crossed in to the South Vietnam?

    The Viet Cong.

  168. What position was Eileen Collins the first female to hold on a space shuttle mission?


American History Trivia Questions and answers

The following are the history trivia questions related to America.

  1. The Declaration of Independence was written to what King of what country, to state the reasons we were declaring our Independence.

    King George III of England.

  2. Which character was first metal lunch box in the USA?

    Hop along Cassidy.

  3. When was the metal lunch box a character in USA?

    In 1950.

  4. Who is the third President of USA?

    Thomas Jefferson

  5. Which State of USA was once part of Mexico?


  6. In which state the Woolworth originated?

    Lancaster Pennsylvania.

  7. In which year did Woolworth originated?


  8. Who was the only president of America elected unopposed?

    George Washington.

  9. What were the old hecklers named after in the Muppet show?

    New York Hotels Waldorf Stadler.

  10. Which was the first state which entered in the union of USA?


  11. What is the number of states in USA?


  12. Which city is known as the Big Apple?

    New York.

  13. Who had the longest tenure as President of USA?

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  14. In which year did Delaware entered in the American union?


  15. What was invented by Rice Kellogg in 1924?


  16. The Chief of the Iroquois Indians had the same name as what car?

    Chief Pontiac

  17. Which of the following cities is in Nevada?


  18. What was the name of Yacht of Frank Sinatra?

    My way again.

  19. Who is better known as Terry Bollea?

    Hulk Hogan.

  20. How many stars are in the flag of USA?


  21. The turn of the screw was written by?

    Henry James.

  22. Which magazine was founded by De Witt Wallace?

    Readers Digest.

  23. According to the business card of Al Capone what job he do?

    Sell second hand furniture.

  24. Which film caused riots in 1956?

    Rock around the clock.

  25. If the President and Vice President of USA die at the same time who becomes the President?

    Speaker of the house Assembly.

  26. What is the number of judges in Federal Supreme Court?


  27. Albany is the capital of which State?

    New York.

  28. Which hats popular among children in 1956?

    Davy Crocket.

  29. Who won the 1932 elections?


  30. Who lost the 1932 elections?

    Herbert Hoover.

  31. How much is a dime?

    10 cents.

  32. If it is 6.00 a.m. in New York what is the time in Los Angeles?

    3.00 AM

  33. What term was coined on an issue of Yank Magazine?

    G I Joe.

  34. What was the name of first ever candy bar created by Forest Mars?

    Milky Way.

  35. Who was the candidate in the Presidential Election of 1992, who did not belong to Republican or Democratic Party?

    Hugh Ross Perot.

  36. Abraham Lincoln was shot on which day.

    On Good Friday?

  37. In which year forest mars created Milky Way?


  38. Which TV series was narrated by Walter Winchell?

    The Untouchables.

  39. Which country has the highest number of Jews?


  40. Which is the name of American Indians in modern Spanish?


  41. Which is the tallest building in USA?

    World Trade Center.

  42. Which is the first 24 hours news channel?


  43. What name is used for the pseudonym Al brown?

    Al Capone.

African American history trivia Questions and answers

The following are some important African American history trivia questions and answers.

  1. Universal Negro Improvement and Association and African committee league was founded in which year?


  2. What was the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s father's church?

    Ebenezer Baptist.

  3. Who found the racial Universal Negro Improvement and Association and African committee league?

    Marcus Garvey.

  4. Who was Martin Luther King?

    Afro American Leader.

  5. Which network of hiding places had helped slaves to escape to freedom?

    Underground Railroad.

  6. The 1890s was called the “women’s era” in black history because of the rise of the black women’s clubs and movement. For what reasons were these clubs and associations formed?

    To provide social services and promote racial and gender equality for women in their communities.

  7. What attorney argued the case Abbington v Board of Education of Louisville resulting in the Louisville School Board agreeing to cease teacher salary discrimination if Ms. Abbington agreed to drop her lawsuit?

    Thurgood Marshall.

  8. Who were known as the Exodusters?

    Black people who left south after the reconstruction in Kansas.

  9. In which year blacks left Kansas after reconstruction began?


  10. In February 1960 four students from Greensboro Agricultural and Technical College in North Carolina sat at a whites-only lunch counter and asked to be served. The waitress refused. What happened next?

    The students waited and left at the end of the day. The next two days students from the college and white students from a local women’s college formed a “sit-in.” Since that incident many sit-ins were organized throughout the South to protest segregated seating at public institutions.

  11. When the first serious uprising among slaves was took place?


  12. What was the first serious uprising among slaves took place and resulted in passage of the Negro Act, which placed restrictions on the ability of slaves in South Carolina to assemble and move freely?

    The Stono Rebellion

  13. In the early nineteenth century many slaves were converted to Christianity during this national religious revival during 1790-1830 that occurred throughout the plantations of the South.

    The Second Great Awakening

  14. What was the name of anti-slavery newspaper?

    The North Star.

  15. Who founded the North Star newspaper?

    Frederick Douglass.

  16. In 1787 black Methodists Richard Allen and Absalom Jones established what nondenominational religious association and mutual aid society?

    The Free African Society of Philadelphia

  17. Who formed the largest Church in Tennessee having more than 2000 members?

    Nelson Merry.

  18. What was the name of essay published on the Atlanta child murders?

    The evidence of things not seen.

  19. When was the essay evidence of things not seen published?


  20. What was the significant declaration of President Lincoln issued?

    The emancipation Proclamation.

  21. Which tribe has named James Beckwourth the chief and called him as Bull’s Robe?

    The crow.

  22. In 1870 the third black Methodist denomination was founded under what name later changed in 1954 to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in America?

    The Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America

European history Trivia Questions and Answers

The following are some European history trivia questions.

  1. When was the Roman Republic created?

    509 BC.

  2. When did Constantine I moved to the capital of Roman Republic?

    313 AD.

  3. Who were crusades?


  4. The crusades in between 11th to 13th century attempted to purge on which religious group?


  5. In which year the Black Death happened?


  6. How many people did the Black Death wiped out in Europe?

    40 percent.

  7. In which century the Renaissance begun?

    14th century.

  8. Where was the knowledge transferred during Renaissance?

    Florence throughout Europe.

  9. In which year the Protestant Reformation begun?


  10. Who was challenged in the Protestant Reformation?

    The authorities of church.

  11. In which century the Industrial Revolution came?


  12. When was World War 1 begun?


  13. Who began World War II?

    Adolf Hitler.

  14. Which country was first attacked in World War II?


  15. When did the collapse of Iron curtain occurred?


  16. Which Mediterranean island's capital is Valletta?


  17. Is Scandinavia in the north or south of Europe?


  18. Eurotunnel links which two countries?

    England & France.

  19. La Scala is the world's most famous what?

    Opera House.

  20. Which Arctic country's Finnish name is Lapin Li?


  21. Flemish is an official language of which kingdom?


  22. The airline Danair is based where?


  23. Which English location would the French call Douvres?


  24. In Norway, a fjord is made up largely of what?


  25. Greenland, a native of the country might be called Inuit or what?


Australian Trivia Questions and Answers

The following are some history and science trivia questions.

  1. What was the quantity of ships in the first fleet?


  2. When the Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin?


  3. Who was Charles Darwin?

    Expeditor and Theorist.

  4. Who has invented the bionic ear?

    Graeme Clark

  5. Where is the last destination of Ned Kelly?

    Glen Rowan.

  6. Who was the first ever aboriginal senator of Australia?

    Neville Bonner.

  7. When is Australia Day?

    26 January.

  8. What is the meaning of Australia?

    South Land.

  9. Which animal carries its babies in a pouch?


  10. Which animal lays eggs?


  11. Which of the following is not a State?

    Northern Territory.

  12. What is dingo?

    Wild Dog.

  13. Which Strait separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?

    Torres Strait

  14. Which is Australia’s tallest bird?


  15. When was the new parliament house opened?

    9th May 1988.

  16. Who announced in Australia to go all by the way with LBJ?

    Prime Minister Harold Holt.

  17. What does A stand for in ANZUS?


  18. In which year Gold was discovered in Victoria?


  19. Who won the Nobel Prize for immune defense research in Australia?

    Peter Doherty.

  20. When was decimal currency introduced?


World Trivia Questions and Answers

The following are some world trivia questions.

  1. Which city is known as the Kapstad of the Africans?

    Cape Town.

  2. Which is the official language of Canada apart from English?


  3. In which country the volcano Okinawa is located?


  4. What is the Afghani currency?

    Afghani Rupee.

  5. When sub-continent was divided by British?

    August 1947.

  6. Which country surrounds the Lesotho?

    South Africa.

  7. In which coast of Africa Madagascar is located?

    Eastern coast.

  8. In which sea the Antigua and Barbuda are located?


  9. Which is the capital of Canada?


  10. What is the previous name of Beijing?


  11. In which ocean the eastern coast of Argentina lies?


  12. Which of the canal of South America joins the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean?


  13. Which is the biggest country in South America?


  14. In which country Edinburgh is located?


  15. What is the biggest barrier reef made from?


  16. What was Cote D’lvoire first known?

    Ivory Coast.

  17. In which city is the Everglades national Park located?


  18. What can be seen from space?

    Great Wall of China.

  19. In which city is the Buckingham palace located?


  20. The River Seine runs through which European capital city?


  21. The Victoria Falls are shared between Zimbabwe and which other country beginning with the same letter?


  22. Which US state is famous for Disneyland and the film industry?


  23. What are the Islas Canarias in English?

    Canary Islands.

  24. Which Australian province has New at the beginning of its name?

    South Wales.

  25. The Channel Tunnel links England with which European country?