US History Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you think you love your country? Do you believe you have deep knowledge related to American history? Do you really think you are too good at remembering historical personalities, events, and years?
Well, if your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. This article has more than 200 U.S. History Trivia questions and answers that are just mind-blowing. These trivia questions will not only help you to gain knowledge but will also let you the level of information about American history.
In short, here we move towards the best U.S. History Trivia Questions and Answers!

200+ US history Trivia Questions
200+ US history Trivia Questions

  1. When was America discovered?


  2. Who discovered America?

    Christopher Columbus

  3. Which of the US President did not die in the office?

    Grover Cleveland

  4. In which year America was recognized as a country?


  5. Which country recognized America as a country?


  6. Independence Day was first established as a holiday by Congress in what year?


  7. Which year did Texas become a state?


  8. Which year did California become a state?


  9. Who was the first president to live in the White House?

    John Adams.

  10. Which year the first permanent English settlement was founded?


  11. Which Important document was signed in 1776?

    Declaration of Independence

  12. Between which years the Civil war was fought?


  13. Where was the Declaration of Independence and Constitution signed?

    In Independence Hall of Philadelphia.

  14. Which battle was the turning point of American Revolution?

    Battle of Saratoga

  15. On which Peninsula of Washington are the Olympic Mountains?

    Olympic Peninsula?

  16. Name the campaign against the sale or drinking of Alcohol.

    The Temperance Movement.

  17. Which year the U.S. Stock Market faced the Black Monday?


  18. Name the tax which was imposed on the goods in the country?


  19. Which year John Lennon was murdered?


  20. Name the first cash crop of America.


  21. Which European language was first spoken in the United States?


  22. In what year English become the official language of America?


  23. Which of the American State does not have any land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase?

  24. Which system allows each branch of the US Government to have its own powers?

    Separation of Powers.

  25. Through which State the continental divide does not pass?


  26. Name the bill which became the basis American bill for the rights?

    English Bill of Rights.

  27. What is the name of the first American Constitution?

    Articles of Confederation

  28. Which automobile named after the only son of Henry Ford?


  29. How many Blacks has become the President of America?


  30. In which year the first commercial flight of America was scheduled?

    In 1914

  31. Name the essays written by James Madison and John Jay?

    The Federalist papers.

  32. Which Treaty forced Britain to recognize United States as an Independent Nation?

    The Treaty of Paris of 1783

  33. Who was the first President to appear on the Television?

    Franklin Roosevelt.

  34. In 1863, which state succeeded from Virginia?

    Western Virginia

  35. How many houses were created with the Great Compromise?


  36. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

    Thomas Jefferson

  37. Name the President of Confederacy during the Civil War?

    Jefferson Davis

  38. When did New York become a state?

    In 1788

  39. What is the real name of Uncle Sam?

    Samuel Wilson

  40. Who was the 16th President of the United States?

    Abraham Lincoln

  41. Which Constitutional Amendment talked about (Congress shall make no Law?)

  42. July 4th is the Independence Day of the United States. Which date John Adam declared as the real date of Independence?

    2nd July.

  43. When did the Candy Desk tradition begin in the Senate of America?

  44. Fill in the blank.The three members of Apollo13 were ………….. in the past.


  45. Which State was formally (and accidentally) not admitted in the Union of the US?


  46. In which year Steve Rogers was born?


  47. For standing whose statue, American soil was sent to England?

    George Washington.

  48. From where the Hollywood sign originated?

    From the temporary real estate marker.

  49. When was the last amendment made in the constitution of America?

    In 1992.

  50. Which state of America firstly ratified the Constitution?


  51. Which case of the US set up the principle of Judicial Review?

    Marbury v. Madison.

  52. Which invention revolutionized the trade in America?


  53. Which constitutional amendment allowed right to vote regardless of race?

    Fifteen Amendment

  54. Who is the best-known Abolitionist of the United States?

    Fredrick Douglass.

  55. Which year America got the Veto Power?

  56. Who designed the Statue of Liberty?

    Frédéric Bartholdi

  57. When America attacked Japan?

    In WWII, 1945.

  58. When did the Boston Tea party occur?

    In 1773.

  59. Which American city hosted Summer Olympics for two times?

    Los Angeles.

  60. Which year CNN was established?

    In 1980

  61. In which year George Washington did become the first US President?

    In 1789

  62. Who was elected as President in 1796?

    John Adams

  63. In which war Americans battled against England?

    War of 1812.

  64. Which city of America firstly used electricity for the street lights?

    Wabash, Indiana

  65. How many Americans were killed in the American Civil War?

    600,000 people.

  66. In which year the 50-star American Flag was designed?

    In 1958

  67. In which year the opening shots of American Revolution were fired?

    In 1775.

  68. Where did the Molasses Disaster of 1919 occur?

    At Boston

  69. In which cities the opening shots of American Revolution were fired?

    Lexington and Concord.

  70. In which year the American Constitution was written?

    In 1787

  71. In which year Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?

    In 1865.

  72. Fill in the Blank. The killer of Abraham Lincoln was …….. By occupation.

    (Stage Actor)

  73. Tell the name of Abraham Lincoln’s Dog?


  74. When did George Washington die?

    December 14, 1799.

  75. Which President purchased Louisiana Territory from France?

    Thomas Jefferson

  76. When did George Washington born?

    February 22, 1732.

  77. When was Louisiana Territory purchased?

    In 1803.

  78. Where the first shots of Civil War were were fired?

    Fort Sumter, California.

  79. Where is the Appomattox Court House situated?

    In Virginia.

  80. Which belief states that the United States should own all of the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?

    Manifest Destiny.

  81. Which system allows the sharing of power between the states and the national government?


  82. When was the Industrial Revolution occurred in America?

    From 1760 to 1840.

  83. In which state Thomas Edison die?

    In New Jersey

  84. Who coined the word New England?

    John Smith

  85. Which President gave the shortest inaugural speech?

    George Washington.

  86. On which date Thomas Jefferson wrote the last letter?

    26th June 1826

  87. Name three Presidents who died on 4th July.

    Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Adams.

  88. Where did the first submarine attack occur?

    At New York Harbor

  89. Where was the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence occurred?


  90. When did the first Submarine attack occur?

    In 1776

  91. Who was the first US President elected under the Articles of Confederation?

    John Hanson

  92. Name the oldest city of the United States.

    St. Augustine.

  93. Who founded the city St. Augustine?

    Admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles

  94. Who was the last man to sign the Declaration of Independence?

    Thomas McKean

  95. When was the first public reading of Declaration of Independence occurred?

    On 8th July 1776.

  96. When did the official signing of Declaration of Independence occur?

    August 2, 1776.

  97. In which year Boston faced a Molasses disaster?

    In 1919

  98. Which American President was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Supreme after 9 years of his presidency?

    William H. Taft

  99. When was the last California Grizzly Bear killed?

    In 1922.

  100. Name the oldest elected President of America?

    Ronald Reagan.

  101. What was the original name of Martin Luther King, Jr.?


  102. Which famous French painter lived in New Orleans for one year?


  103. Name the first president of the American history born in hospital.

    Jimmy Carter.

  104. What was the name of Atlanta in 1837?


  105. What was the name of Atlanta in 1843?


  106. Name the President who first presented the National Budget.

    William H. Taft.

  107. Fill in the Blank. The inventor of the lubricant “The Real McCoy” belong to _________ Family.

    (African-American slave)

  108. Who appointed Former President Taft as the Chief Justice of Supreme Court?

    President Harding.

  109. Name the general married to the relative of George Washington.

    Gen. Robert E. Lee

  110. Who was the first president born in the United States?

    Martin Van Buren

  111. Name the first American poet to achieve any notoriety?

    Phillus Wheatly

  112. At what age the American poet Phillus Wheatly died?

    30 years.

  113. During Civil war, what thing made soldiers die more than the gunshots?


  114. At what age Ben Franklin composed his own epitaph?

    At 22 years.

  115. Who was the first American to cross the Atlantic alone?

    Charles Lindbergh

  116. Which American President did not have a College education?

    Harry S. Truman

  117. Where was Charles Lindbergh buried?


  118. When the first lighthouse was was built as West Coast?

    In 1854

  119. For which movie, 14 buffaloes were taken to Catalina Island?

    The Vanishing American.

  120. When was the first McDonalds established?

    In 1940

  121. When was city hall built?

    In 1927

  122. Name the first corporation which earned $1 Billion as net Income.

    General Motors.

  123. Name the president who was the first graduate of the Preston University.

    President James Madison

  124. When did Red Cross get a Congress Charter?

    In 1990

  125. Who discovered the Poinsettia plant in Mexico?

    The first US Ambassador, Joel Poinsett.

  126. In which year Cigarettes were banned on the US Television.

    In 1971

  127. From where the first two navel orange trees were brought to US?


  128. In which year the first two orange navel trees brought to US?

    In 1875

  129. Name the first holiday celebrated nationwide?

    100th anniversary of

  130. George Washington's inauguration

  131. When was the first nationwide holiday celebrated?

    On April 30th 1889.

  132. When was Cleopatra’s Needle brought to US?

    In 1879

  133. Name the only President who died before his parents.

    John F. Kennedy.

  134. Where was the first Motel built?

    San Lois Obispo

  135. Who delivered Monroe Doctrine?

    President James Monroe

  136. When was the Mayflower Compact signed?

    In 1620

  137. Which Treat ended the French and Indian War?

    The Treaty of Paris of 1763

  138. Name the document having the first ten amendments of the constitution.

    Bill of Rights.

  139. Which year did America win the First American Yacht race?

    In 1851.

  140. Who installed the first elevator in America?

    Elisha Otis

  141. When was the first elevator installed?

    In 1857

  142. In which year the Republican Party was formed?

    In 1854

  143. Where was the Republican Party founded?

    In Ripon.

  144. April 24, 1800 is the date of which great event?

    Establishing of U.S Library of Congress.

  145. In which year the first edition of New York Post was published?

    In 1801

  146. Name the America’s first lady.

    Martha Washington.

  147. Who proved that tomatoes are not poisonous?

    Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson

  148. In which year Adams-Onis Treaty was ratified?

    In 1821

  149. Who was chosen as President by the House of Representatives in 1824?

    John Adams

  150. Who won the popular vote in the Presidential Election of 1824 but did not become the President?

    Andrew Jackson.

  151. Who patents the internal combustion Engine?

    Samuel Morey.

  152. When did the American Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne die?

    In 1864

  153. In which year Russia finalized its sale of Alaska to the United States?


  154. When the deadliest single-battle day was fought in America?

    September 17, 1862

  155. At what date The Great Chicago fire began?

    October 8, 1871

  156. Who tested the first cable car system in America?

    Andrew Hallidie.

  157. In which year Colorado became the 38th state?


  158. Who founded the Salt Lake City?

    Brigham Young

  159. Name the first Daily College Newspaper of the United States.

    Yale News

  160. Which year did the National Weather Service issue its first weather forecast?

    November 1. 1870.

  161. What was the first weather forecast of National weather service about?

    Windy day in Chicago.

  162. Which year President William McKinley was shot?

    In 1901, September 6th.

  163. When did the U.S. Census Bureau become part of the new U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor?

    On February 14, 1903.

  164. When did the first silent film debut in America?

    In 1903

  165. The first underground portion of the New York City subway opened on which date?

    October 27, 1904.

  166. Name the first silent film of U.S?

    The Great Train Robbery.

  167. On which date the (Great San Francisco Earthquake) stroked?

    April 18, 1906.

  168. Name the America’s worst National Disaster.

    The explosion in West Virginia’s Monongah Mine

  169. When was the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People founded?

    February 12, 1909.

  170. Which area was hit by the deadliest hurricane of U.S?

    Galveston, Texas.

  171. Which year did the first gold rush happen in America?

    In 1828

  172. Where did the first gold rush happen in America?

    Dahlonega, Georgia.

  173. In 1909, what was introduced by the U.S. Mint?

    Lincoln head penny

  174. Which year the Iced Tea was first served in America?

    In 1904.

  175. When was the first coast to coast telephone line established in U.S.?

    In 1914.

  176. When and where was the London Bridge transplanted in America?

    In 1968 to Lake Havasu, Arizona.

  177. Name the first known carrier of Typhoid in the United States.

    Marry Mallon.

  178. Which year the Reader’s Digest published?

    In 1922.

  179. Name the first motion picture with sound audience saw?

    The Jazz Singer.

  180. Which Urban Place of America has the highest population in 1920’s?

    New York.

  181. Who defeated the Republican Herbert Hoover?

    Democratic Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  182. When was the Hoover dam construction completed?

    In 1936.

  183. In which year Superman debut as Action Comics?

    In 1938.

  184. When was Captain America introduced in the country?

    In 1941.

  185. Which year the first colored Television program broadcasted in America?

    In 1951.

  186. Name the first program broadcasted by NBC?

    Cartoon, Felix the Cat.

  187. In 1878, which disease wiped out one-fourth population of Memphis?

    Yellow Fever.

  188. Which area in 1930’s was colonized by the farmers of USA?

    Matanuska Valley, Alaska.

  189. In 1959, which two places become states?

    Alaska and Hawaii.

  190. Name the oldest Capital city of U.S.

    Santa Fe.

  191. When was the first U.S. Navy created?

    In 1775.

  192. Who was the 33rd President of America?

    Harry S. Truman.

  193. In 1918, which disease killed 548,000 people in America?

    Flu Epidemic.

  194. When did the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade arrive in Vietnam?

    In 1965.

  195. When were the American Indians recognized as the U.S Citizens?

    In 1924.

  196. When did the last passenger pigeon died in U.S.?

    In 1914.

  197. Name the African-American person who invented Peanut Butter.

    George Washington Carver.

  198. Name the first American Space Station.


  199. Which year is known as the “Year without summer”?


  200. When were the first rocket deployed in America?

    In the war of 1812.

  201. Which year’s Earthquake resulted in the formation of Reel Foot Lake?


  202. Which year the United States capture Mexico City?

    In 1847.