90’s Music Trivia Questions and Answers – 100+ Questions

90s music trivia questions

If you are feeling bore and want to kill time by having fun then trivia questions is one of the best games ever. Just pick a subject, thing or topic and start a question answer session. And here you go! It is also a good tool to know a person in no time. You can also use these trivia questions to start a conversation with a stranger. If you really want to know someone then indulge him/her in some kind of trivia question that you want to know about. If you are a music lover then this article is for you. Some people really remember each and every thing about what they saw and what they heard and some people really do search about everything. So here is the ultimate test for them. Prove yourself and answer given trivia questions about 90’s music. Here we present you 100+ trivia question and answers related to 90’s west music.

100+ 90’s music trivia question and answer

90s music trivia questions

Here we present you some 90’s music trivia questions and answers:

  1. Who was the only female solo artist to have a #1 hit single without releasing an album?

    Lisa Loeb. She had a #1 hit with the song Stay. Stay landed on her debut album “Tails” in 1995

  2. What famous star appeared in Paula Abdul's (Rush, Rush) video?

    Keanu Reeves

  3. What was Blur's first number one single in the UK?

    Country House.

  4. Which group's debut album (named after a London suburb) had a Pet Shop Boys song cover?

    East 17

  5. Which 1993 video began with a girl holding up a play card that said, (Once Upon A Time)?

    “Two Princes”, the Spin Doctors classic.

  6. Connect Lulu and Dan Hartman to a 1990s group?

    Take That! Lulu featured on the Take that cover of Dan Hartman’s “Relight My Fire”.

  7. Fastest selling debut record, best selling single of UK charts in 1996?

    Babylon Zoo’s “Spaceman”, originally appeared in a Levi Jeans add.

  8. Which Steven Kapoor song was included in the soundtrack for (Dumb and Dumber)?

    Boom-Shak-A-Lak. Steven Kapoor’s alias was Apache Indian.

  9. Which female artist released a song called 'Hero' in 1993?

    Mariah Carey

  10. What is the title of MC Hammer's most successful single of the 90s?

    U Can’t Touch This

  11. What song is it, 'Solitary brother, Is there still a part of you that wants to live'?


  12. Which Swedish pop group's founding members are Jonas, Jenny, Linn and Ulf?

    Ace of Base

  13. Who is the singer of the song, 'Look into my eyes - you will see, what you mean to me'?

    Bryan Adams: Everything I Do

  14. Which song of Roxette band was featured in movie pretty woman?

    It Must Have Been Love

  15. Which 1994 song earned Bruce Springsteen the Academy Award for Best Original Song?

    Streets of Philadelphia

  16. Which Michael Jackson song hit #1 position in 1995 on Billboard 100 Singles Chart?

    You are not alone (Year 1995)

  17. Who were the three original members of Backstreet Boys?

    Howie Dorough, AJ MacLean and Nick Carter. Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrel joined the band in 1993.

  18. Which two members of *N SYNC were mouse ketters on the NEW Mickey Mouse Club?

    Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez

  19. Which rap group was totally crossed out?

    Kris Kross

  20. Who sang (Hold my hand?)

    Hootie and the Blowfish

  21. Which 2 new kids on the block were brothers?

    Jordan and Johnathan Knight

  22. What female movie star worked in Bon Jovi's “Always” video?

    Keri Russell – aka “Felicity”

  23. What is Taylor Hanson's full name?

    Jordan Taylor Hanson

  24. Who Sang A Whole New World?

    Peabo Bryson And Regina Belle

  25. Who were the only original cast members left on 90210 when the series ended?

    Dylan McKay, Kelly Taylor, David Silver, Donna Martin and Steve Sanders

  26. Which member of what rap band burned her football player boyfriend's house down?

    Lisa “Lefteye” Lopez of TLC

  27. What singer hit # 1 with a midget in his band, who passed away towards the end of 2000?

    Kid Rock, and Joe C was the midget who died.

  28. Which American female singer released an album called 'The Immaculate Collection' in 1990?


  29. Who am I: I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1975. I appeared in neighbours in the 1990s and later began a career in singing. I released a song called 'Torn'?

    Natalie Imbruglia

  30. Who sang the hit song from the Titanic movie, 'My Heart Will Go On'?

    Celine Dion

  31. Which 1996 song by Toni Braxton includes the lyrics 'I cried so many nights?'

    Un-Break My Heart

  32. Which member of O-Town is the only one out of his 38 cousins not attending college?

    Jacob Underwood

  33. Name this 1990's song 'I stop and stare at you, walking on the shore, I try to concentrate, my mind wants to explore'?

    Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre

  34. What song by Katrina & The Waves won the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom?

    Love shine a light

  35. From which 1997’s rock band, Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion were belonged?

    Cold Play

  36. Who was the lyricist of the song 'A Million Love Songs' by Take That?

    Gary Barlow

  37. Who was the lead vocalist of Nirvana?

    Kurt Cobain

  38. Which Queen song includes the lyrics 'But life still goes on, I can't get used to, living without, living without, Living without you by my side'?

    I want to break free

  39. Which Spice Girl was nicknamed Sporty Spice?

    Mel C (Melanie Chisholm)

  40. Who had a US number one in 1992 with 'This Used To Be My Playground'?


  41. What year did Michael Jackson's 'You Are Not Alone' reach number one in the UK and the US?


  42. Which rock band was behind number one hit with the song 'The Fly' in 1991?


  43. What is the opening line to Elton John's 'Something About The Way You Look Tonight'?

    There was a time I was everything and nothing all in one

  44. Which male artist released a bestselling album in 1991 called 'Diamonds And Pearls'?


  45. Which famous male vocalist was born in Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou?

    George Michael

  46. Give the title of Whitney Houston's best-selling album in 1992?

    They Bodyguard

  47. What is the opening line to Robbie Williams' hit song 'Angel'?

    I sit and Wait, Does an angel contemplate my fate

  48. Who is the main vocalist of West life?

    Shane Filan

  49. Name the song, 'She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge'?

    Common People

  50. Who were the main vocalists behind 'Unchained Melody' in 1995?

    Robson Green and Jerome Flynn

  51. Which boy band released a song called 'A Different Beat' in 1996?

    Boy zone

  52. When UK hit 'Mr. Vain' was released?


  53. What was the title of Shaggy's 1993 hit song?

    Oh Carolina

  54. Which rock band was formed by the Gallagher brothers from Manchester?


  55. What year was 'Now That’s What I Call Music! 19' released?


  56. What's Ween's 1989 First Album?

    GodWeenSatan: The Oneness is Ween’s 1989 First Album

  57. who sang (Renegades Of Funk)?


  58. How many weeks did Hanson's (MMMBop) stay at the number one postion?

    13 weeks.

  59. What is Dexter Holland's real name?

    Bryan Keith Holland. He was nick named Dexter because he’s so smart.

  60. What song was sang by D.J's (band) in (Full House)

    “The Sign” by Ace Of Base

  61. What movie star danced Mary Jane's Last Dance with Tom Petty?

    Kim Basinger

  62. Which rock band was formed by Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, Dave Rowntree?


  63. Who had a UK top 30 hit in 1991 with 'Wonderful Tonight'?

    Eric Clapton

  64. Which Jamaican singer released 'Iron Lion Zion' in 1992?

    Bob Marley

  65. What punk band recently released their 6th album titled (Land Of The Free?)


  66. Who was the original drummer for Nirvana?

    Chad Channing

  67. What is Joey Jordison's (Slipknot) real name?

    Nathan Jonas Jordison

  68. In What movie did Alice in chains play at a bar? (hint: eddie veder plays at that movie)?

    Alice in chains played as themselves at the movie “singles”.

  69. Before they were known as Sugar Ray, what had the band originally been called?

    The Shrinky Dinks – named after an old popular toy.

  70. What new band had originally been called Bliss?

    Life house – they were unable to clear the name for the record.

  71. What Sound garden song formed a Religious Cult?

    Black Hole Sun.

  72. Lisa (Left eye) Lopez belonged to which rap band?


  73. Which female singer wrote the Book Called (SEX)?


  74. Who Designs (Sean John) clothing

    Sean (P. Diddy) Combs

  75. Which rap star lost the battle with Aids?(Hint-he was a former member of the NWA)

    Eazy E

  76. Who was the original Foxy Brown?

    Pam Grier

  77. Which band had their first #1 hit in 1998 with (I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing)


  78. What were Silver chair originally called?

    The Innocent Criminals.

  79. Who Bumped Michael Jackson Off The #1 Spot In January 1992?


  80. What country do The Hives come from???


  81. This rap remake was sung by a grandma in (The Wedding Singer).

    Rapper’s Delight

  82. In 1999, who had a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with (Genie In A Bottle)?

    Christina Aguilera

  83. Which No Doubt song began with the lyrics, 'You and me, we used to be together, everyday together...'?

    Don’t Speak

  84. Which male artist was behind the released a magical album in the 1990s called 'I've Been Expecting You'?

    Robbie Williams

  85. Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992, 1993 and 1994?


  86. What model appeared in both Don't Cry and November Rain videos for Guns N' Roses?

    Stephanie Seymour

  87. Who made the Insane Clown Posse famous?

    Man cow

  88. Which member of Limp Bizkit had a hit (Jump) with the House of Pain?

    DJ Leathel

  89. What's the number one song by Hanson in 1997?


  90. What day did 2Pac die?

    September 13th, 1996

  91. In 1990, which American dance group had an international hit with the song (Groove Is in the Heart)?


  92. Who did Jim Steinman, the song's composer, originally give the song (Total Eclipse of the Heart) to record?

    Meat Loaf

  93. All you need is your own imagination/ So use it that's what it's for.


  94. (Where Have All the Cowboys Gone) Who wrote this song?

    Paul Cole

  95. 'Set Adrift on Memory Bliss' which band sang it?

    Back street’s boys

  96. Name this live song: I talk of freedom, you talk of the flag. I talk of revolution you'd much rather brag.

    White Discussion

  97. (I Do (Cherish You) which band sang this song?

    98 degrees

  98. Which up tempo 1999 song contained these lyrics: I wish that I could fly, into the sky, so very high, just like a dragonfly.?

    Fly away

  99. Name this Radiohead song: You look so tired n happy. Bring down the government. They don't. They don't speak to us.

    No surprises

  100. “Give it to you” who sang this?

    Jordan Knight

  101. Which group had the one-hit wonder (Standing outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand)?

    Primitive radio gods