100+ TV Trivia questions


Television is one of the greatest ways of having fun, information, and entertainment. It is one of the most important media of the Mass Media and has a great impact on every society.

America is the largest Television Industry in the world. A large number of channels have produces marvelous TV programs including dramas, series, opera soaps, comedy skits, reality shows, news shows, and a lot of stuff for the kids.

For this reason, I have shared 100 plus Trivia questions and Answers, which are all related to the American TV shows. They are interesting, a bit difficult, and unique to test your knowledge about the stuff broadcasted on the Television.

Let’s begin!

100 Plus TV Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Name the first American drama, which reacted to the incident of 9/11?

    The West Wing

  2. The first TV advertisement appeared during which game?

    Dodgers and Phillies

  3. Who is the youngest male winner of the American Idol History?

    Scotty McCreery

  4. Where was the American crime drama series “Narcos” was set and filmed?


  5. Shannen Doherty starred which character?

    Brenda Walsh

  6. In 2004, who won the 2.5 Million Dollars in a popular game show, “Jeopardy”?

    Ken Jennings

  7. What was the first TV advertisement about?

    Bulova watches

  8. What was the name of the President in “The West Wing”?

    Josiah Bartlet

  9. Name the Star Trek episode of 1968, in which Captain Kirk kissed Lieutenant Uhura?

    Plato’s Stepchildren

  10. Which year the popular children show Sesame Street debuted on PBS?

    In 1969

  11. Which show tries to debunk Urban Legends?


  12. Name the actor who starred as Michael Knight in the “Knight Rider”.

    David Hasselhoff

  13. Name the TV production company of Top Chef and America’s Next Great Restaurant?

    Magical Elves

  14. Which TV series contained an image or reference of Superman in each episode?


  15. The purpose of war is peace. Which character said in the crime drama “Narcos”?

    Pablo Escobar

  16. Who played the role of Chandler’s father on Friends?

    Kathleen Turner

  17. Name the 13th longest scripted TV show of America?


  18. What was America’s first Television Drama?

    The Queen’s Messenger

  19. Which year was the first TV drama broadcasted in America?

    In 1928

  20. What was the family name of the main characters in the Cosby Show, which ran from 1984-1992?

    The Huxtable family

  21. What was the name of Marcel’s monkey in “Friends”?


  22. In which Tv drama, Samantha twitched her nose for magic practice?


  23. What was the apartment number of Monica and Rachel in the first couple of episodes?


  24. Second Time Around is a theme song of which TV series?

    Step By Step.

  25. Who is the composer of the current music theme of ABC news?

    Hans Zimmers

  26. Who hosted the Show American Bandstand which began in 1952?

    Dick Clark

  27. For how many seasons “Step by Step” ran?


  28. Which television series firstly used the toilet flush sound for the first time?

    All in the family

  29. In which city the family in “The Simpsons lived?


  30. What was the costume color of Jeannie’s sister in I Dream of Jeannie?


  31. Who wrote the theme song of Full House?

    Jesse Frederick and Benett Salvay

  32. Who played the role of young Kaitlin Cooper?

    Shailene Woodley

  33. Stewie Griffin says?

    What the Duece

  34. Which actress was never seen nude in the sex and the city?

    Sarah Jessica Parker

  35. In the Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixons dyed her hairs red to look like?


  36. Walter’ flustered Pizza toss occurred in which season of Breaking Bad?

    Season 3

  37. What did the “CSI” characters say to make a picture less grainy?


  38. Name the first U.S soap Opera aired on CBS in 1956?

    As the World Turns

  39. Who lived in a pineapple under the sea?

    Sponge Bob SquarePants

  40. On the American Television, which TV show was the first to on-air an inter-racial kissing scene?

    Star Trek

  41. Which show did become the reason of Sherriff Andy Taylor’s fame and getting his own show?

    The Danny Thomas show

  42. The only time man can be brave is when he’s afraid. In which TV serial Ned Stark said it?

    Game of Thrones

  43. Who was the star of Lizzie McGuire?

    Hilary Duff

  44. A typical shoot is 99% scripted and 1% improvisation. Who said that?

    Matt Jones

  45. How many people Jack Bauer killed in 192 hours?


  46. Who are Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles?

    The Powerpuff girls

  47. Which year the episode titles “A House divided” aired?


  48. Which year the TV series “All in the family” began?

    In 1971

  49. In which series Jeannie Harem wore a pink costume?

    I Dream of Jeannie

  50. Gina was the girlfriend of whom in “Martin”?


  51. Name the first comedy sketch show?

    Late Night Saturday

  52. “I’ll be there for you” is a title theme song of which TV show?


  53. Name the popular and controversial TV series of 1971 to 1979?

    All in the family

  54. Which only female character and her cat appeared in all the episodes of “The Teenage Witch”?


  55. Who created the American Comedy series “Desperate Housewives”?

    Marc Cherry

  56. The quotes of “Shit My Dad says” are written by whom?

    Sam Halpern

  57. In which fictional city, the Camden family of “7th Heaven” lived?

    Glenoak, California

  58. Who hosted 4thandlong?

    Michael Irvin

  59. Who created the science fiction series Aaron Stone?

    Bruce Kalish

  60. Fill in the blank. Peter Dinklage actually eats ________ every time, we see him eating meat.


  61. What family owned a banana stand and drove a stair car?


  62. In which show, Wilbur Post owned a talking horse?

    Mr. Ed

  63. Name the youngest sibling of Alex P. Keaton’s in Family Ties?


  64. Name the character of the assistant of Ace Crawford?


  65. Who said it in Breaking Bad? “I am not in the Meth Business. I am in the Empire Business.

    Walter White

  66. “This is a true story of seven strangers…” Which reality TV show began with this statement?

    The Real world

  67. What serial killer killed the other serial killer?

    Dexter Morgan

  68. What Geico advertising characters had a short-lived sitcom?


  69. The sitcom “Married with children” talked about?

    Bundy Family

  70. In which era, Charlie’s Angels aired?

    In 1970’s

  71. In the reality TV show “Survivors”, where the contestants are sent to?

    Tribal Council

  72. Who was the starring star of “Ace Crawford, Private Eye”?

    Tim Conway

  73. What is the name of the horse of Lone Ranger?


  74. Name the only regular cast member of the M*A*S*H?

    Jamie Farr

  75. In Two and a Half Men, what falls on Charlie Harper resulting in his death?


  76. Who was addicted to Vicodin?

    Dr. House

  77. What is the other name for Adventures in Paradise?

    James A. Michener’s Adventures in Paradise

  78. Who was the captain of Schooner Tiki III in “Adventures in Paradise”?

    Gardner Mckay

  79. “You come to the King, you best not miss.” Which famous TV show the dialogue belonged to?

    The Wire

  80. Which year the first American Television Picture broadcast?

    In 1926

  81. Name the longest running “fantasy-sitcom” of 1960’s.


  82. Name the charter boat that shipwrecked in the show “Gilligan’s Island”?

    S.S Minow

  83. Which TV series ushered a new era of reality sitcoms?

    All in the Family.

  84. How many years the “Golden Girls” TV series ran?

    Seven years

  85. Who starred in Murphy Brown?

    Candice Bergen

  86. Who lives in the Wisteria Lane?

    Desperate Housewives

  87. Name the show anchored by Tom Brokow?

    NBC Nightly News

  88. Which year the first animated series “The Flinstone” aired?

    In 1966

  89. Name the ever lowest-rated series, aired in 1981?

    Hill Street Blues

  90. Wayne and Garth were the best friends in which TV skit?

    Wayne’s world

  91. Name the comedian who used F-word on Saturday Night Live and was fired?

    Charles Rocket

  92. In which TV show, Janet Jackson’s nipple made a short appearance?

    Super Bowl Half Time show.

  93. Who owned the Stratford Inn on Newhart?

    Dick Louden

  94. Which 2007 series was canceled after airing two back to back episodes?


  95. The 1970s television series Laverne & Shirley took place in which U.S. city?


  96. What is the opening theme of “Bear in the big blue house”?

    Welcome to the Blue House

  97. Cylons were the evil robots in?

    Battlestar Galactica

  98. In which city “The wire” take place?


  99. Name the red cartoon with a high-pitched voice in “Press your Luck.”


  100. In which state “Family Guy” take place?

    Rhode Island

  101. Who played the role of Barber in Andy Griffith’s show?

    Floyd Lawson