300 Plus Fun Trivia Questions

fun trivia questions

Trivia questions are always fun, interesting, and informative. They can also be in the form of a quiz or something like multiple choice questions.

They help you to test your knowledge level as well as to challenge your friends on different questions.

In this article, I have provided more than 300 Trivia questions, which are mind-blowing. Some of them are easy but you just have to find the answer by using some tricks. (P.S. Don’t begin to Google everything. Use your brain as well!).

They are divided into 10 categories and each of them is attention-grabbing and best to increase your knowledge.

Here the informative fun begins!

Fun trivia Questions and Answers

fun trivia questions

  1. What is the official nickname of Texas?

    Answer: The Lone Star State.

  2. Name the biggest Island of the world.

    Answer: Greenland with an area of 2,131,000 square kilometers.

  3. Name three novels of Shakespeare.

    Answer: Hamlet, the Merchant of Venice, and Taming of the Shrew.

  4. What was the relation between Sebastian and viola in The Twelfth Night?

    Answer: Sebastian was Viola’s brother and Viola was his sister.

  5. What is the diameter of our Earth?

    Answer: 12, 742 Kilometers.

  6. Who is the wife of Barack Obama?

    Answer: Michelle Obama.

  7. When did William Wordsworth die?

    Answer: 23rd April 1850.

  8. Name the largest continent of the world?

    Answer: Asia.

  9. How many states are there in the United States of America?

    Answer: 50 States.

  10. Name the kids of Prince William.

    Answer: Price George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

  11. Which state is known as the Empire State?

    Answer: New York State.

  12. It is a beauteous evening, calm and free, the holy time is quiet as a Nun Breathless with adoration; the broad sun is sinking down in its tranquility. Who is the poet of the excerpt?

    Answer: William Wordsworth.

  13. Name the largest ocean of the world.

    Answer: Pacific Ocean.

  14. When did Princess Diana die?

    Answer: 31st August 1997.

  15. Where is Bermuda Triangle situated?

    Answer: In the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

  16. When was America affected by Hurricane Katarina?

    Answer: In 2005.

  17. Name the Largest Dam of the World.

    Answer: Three Gorges Dam.

  18. Who invented the Wheel?

    Answer: 3,500 B.C.

  19. How many bones are there in a human body?

    Answer: 206 bones.

  20. Which invention is associated with Wright Brothers?

    Answer: Aero plane.

  21. What is the meaning of leap year?

    Answer: Having a February of 29 days.

  22. Who discovered the Cell?

    Answer: Robert Hooke.

  23. Name the largest sea of the world.

    Answer: Philippine Sea.

  24. What does HB mean in biological terms?

    Answer: Hemoglobin.

  25. Which is the largest lake of the world?

    Answer: Caspian Sea.

  26. When was Microsoft established?

    Answer: On 4th April 1975.

  27. How many degrees are there in a circle?

    Answer: 360 degrees.

  28. What is the other name of Protractor?

    Answer: D

  29. When was the first Dollar Coin made?

    Answer: In 1794.

  30. Which city is known as the “City of Love”?

    Answer: Paris.

  31. How many counties are there in England?

    Answer: 4.

  32. How many countries are the members of the United Nations?

    Answer: 193.

Fun trivia Questions for kids

fun kids

  1. How many teeth are there in the adult’s mouth?

    Answer: 32

  2. Tell the beginning and ending year of WWI.

    Answer: The WWI began in 1914 and ended in 1918.

  3. When was computer invented?

    Answer: Between 1936 to 1938.

  4. Who developed the cartoon series of Tom and Jerry?

    Answer: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

  5. How many years are there in a century?

    Answer: 100 years.

  6. ‘Stars and Stripes’ is the nickname of the flag of which country?

    Answer: American Flag.

  7. Who is the present Pope?

    Answer: Jorge Mario Bergoglio

  8. What is the name of the last boy who visited the chocolate factory owned by Mr. Willy Wonka?

    Answer: Charlie Bucket.

  9. Which is the tallest mammal of the world?

    Answer: The Giraffe.

  10. At which big event, Kevin was left alone in the home?

    Answer: Christmas

  11. Name three wonders of the world.

    Answer: Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lighthouse of Alexandria.

  12. Which Friday brings a lot of happiness?

    Answer: The Black Friday.

  13. Which city the cartoon The Simpsons live?

    Answer: Springfield.

  14. Mount Everest is a part of which mountainous range?

    Answer: The Himalayas.

  15. Who is the patron saint of Island?

    Answer: Saint Patrick.

  16. What is the capital of Italy?

    Answer: Rome

  17. Where is Sahara Desert situated?

    Answer: In the North America.

  18. When was Superman created as a fiction character?

    Answer: 1933.

  19. What is the meaning of Y in VIBGYOR?

    Answer: Yellow.

  20. Who wrote Cinderella?

    Answer: Charles Perrault.

  21. Is the Horse fastest animal of the world?

    Answer: No. Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal.

  22. How many sides a hexagon has?

    Answer: Six

  23. Who created Pooh?

    Answer: A.A. Milne and Walt Disney

  24. Name three countries beginning with S.

    Answer: Sweden, Switzerland, Sudan.

  25. Who firstly used the word “Hello” on telephone?

    Answer: Thomas Edison.

  26. Who invented Bulb?

    Answer: Thomas Edison.

  27. Where is the largest church of the world situated?

    Answer: Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro.

  28. How many meters are there in one kilometer?

    Answer: 100 meters.

  29. Name the countries included in the United Kingdom.

    Answer: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island.

  30. Where is Niagara Falls situated?

    Answer: Ontario, Canada.

  31. Which sweet thing is generated by bees?

    Answer: Honey.

  32. How many days are there in a fortnight?

    Answer: 14.

  33. Where does the American President live?

    Answer: Whitehouse.

  34. What does UNO stands for?

    Answer: United Nations Organization.

  35. What is the national game of America?

    Answer: Baseball

  36. What does WHO stands for?

    Answer: World Health Organization.

  37. Who is the owner of Microsoft?

    Answer: Bill Gates.

  38. What is the national game of England?

    Answer: Cricket.

Fun trivia Questions for Parties

fun parties

  1. What is the full name of Michael Jackson?

    Answer: Michael Joseph Jackson.

  2. Which two colors are traditionally linked to the Halloween festival?

    Answer: Black and Orange.

  3. What is the other word for Lexicon?

    Answer: Dictionary.

  4. How many words are there in the Oxford English dictionary? ( You can also add approximate in the question)

    Answer: 47,156.

  5. What day is celebrated 26th December?

    Answer: Boxing Day.

  6. What is the National Dish of America?

    Answer: Hamburger

  7. Which colors are there in the flag of UK?

    Answer: Red, Blue, and White.

  8. Which is more worth in terms of value? A Dollar or a Euro?

    Answer: A Euro.

  9. Which country’s flag is known as the Union Jack?

    Answers: The flag of the United Kingdom.

  10. When is the harvest day celebrated?

    Answer: 23rd September.

  11. Where is Panama situated?

    Answer: Panama.

  12. What is the rarest eye color of the redheads?

    Answer: Blue.

  13. When was BBC established?

    Answer: 18th October 1922.

  14. How many elements are in the periodic table?

    Answer: 118.

  15. Which country invents Pizza?

    Answer: Italy.

  16. Which country invented Football?

    Answer: England.

  17. Who is owner of Facebook?

    Answer: Mark Zuckerberg.

  18. Which country has the highest rate of redheaded population?

    Answer: Scotland.

  19. Name the historical prince whose name was used by Bram Stoker in his famous novel.

    Answer: Dracula

  20. Which country Brian Lara belongs to?

    Answer: West Indies

  21. Who became the first female president and head of state in Latin America?

    Answer: Isabel Martínez de Perón of Argentina.s

  22. When is Easter celebrated?

    Answer: 1st April

  23. After how many years Olympics are held?

    Answer: Four years.

  24. When did the Oscar Award begin?

    Answer: 1929.

  25. Tell the Date of Birth of Queen Elizabeth II.

    Answer: 21st April 1926.

  26. At what age Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles?

    Answer: 20 years.

  27. How many types of teeth are there?

    Answer: 4

  28. Who was known as The King of Comedy?

    Answer: Sir Charlie Chaplin.

  29. Where does the Royal Family live?

    Answer: Buckingham Palace.

  30. Which place on the Earth is the coldest place to live?

    Answer: Oymyakon, Russia

  31. When was Google founded?

    Answer: in 1998

  32. If you were eating du Barry, what would you be eating?

    Answer: Something made up of Cauliflower.

  33. What does Bella mean?

    Answer: It means beautiful.

  34. How many American cents make a dime?

    Answer: 10 cents.

  35. Which illness wiped out thousands of people across Europe during the 14th Century?

    Answer: Black Plague.

  36. Which country did the Hitler rule?

    Answer: Germany.

  37. How many countries have the VETO power?

    Answer: Five countries.

  38. How many squares are there in the chessboard?

    Answer: 64

  39. What is the value of X in the Scrabble?

    Answer: 8

  40. When was angry bird created?

    Answer: 11th December 2009.

  41. Where is the largest volcano of the world?

    Answer: Tamu Massif volcano is the largest one.

Fun trivia Questions for Work

fun work

  1. What does HTML stand for?

    Answer: Hypertext Markup Language.

  2. Who is the founder of 21st Century Fox?

    Answer: Rupert Murdoch.

  3. Which country invented the paper?

    Answer: China.

  4. Name two countries which do not allow tattoos?

    Answer: Iran and Japan.

  5. When was the Bitcoin launched?

    Answer: In 2009.

  6. Where is the United Nations Headquarter situated?

    Answer: New York City

  7. Does Iceland have an army?

    Answer: No

  8. How much water is present in a water melon?

    Answer: 92 percent.

  9. Which blood type is known as the universal donor?

    Answer: O-Negative.

  10. What percentage of workers believes having access to social media platforms helps them to be more productive?

    Answer: 56 percent.

  11. Name two countries that allow taking a nap during work?

    Answer: Italy and Spain.

  12. What does MSN stand for?

    Answer: Microsoft Network.

  13. How often is an average manager interrupted?

    Answer: Every 8 minutes.

  14. Which country developed the Skype software?

    Answer: Estonia.

  15. Who wins the Oscar award for the category of best actor in 2017?

    Answer: Casey Affleck.

  16. How much money did Apple Sue Samsung for?

    Answer: 1 Billion Dollars.

  17. Who is the creator of Angry Birds?

    Answer: Rovio Entertainment.

  18. Who named the city New York?

    Answer: The English man.

  19. How many miles do a typist's fingers travel during an average day?

    Answer: 12.6 miles.

  20. What do FM and AM stand for?

    Answer: Frequency Modulation and Amplitude Modulation.

  21. What is the capacity size of hotmail per each email?

    Answer: 10 Mb.

  22. When was Calibri established as a Font?

    Answer: 2007

  23. In America, how long are the maternity leaves by law?

    Answer: 12 weeks.

  24. In 2016, how much population was recorded in America?

    Answer: 323.1 Million.

  25. What is “The Guardian”?

    Answer: A Newspaper

  26. Where is Times Square situated?

    Answer: New York.

  27. In which state, President Trump was born?

    Answer: New York City.

  28. What is “God save the Queen”?

    Answer: It the British National Anthem.

  29. What does CIA stand for?

    Answer: Central Intelligence Agency.

  30. Who give the law of (Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction?)

    Answer: Newton.

Fun trivia Questions for Adults

fun adults

  1. Who is Googled more than the Jesus?

    Answer: Justin Beiber.

  2. Which country owns every Pandas in the world?

    Answer: China

  3. Who was the first openly announced gay politician?

    Answer: Harvey Milk.

  4. When was The New York Times started to publish?

    Answer: September 18th, 1851.

  5. Which fish will evaporate if left in the sun?

    Answer: Jelly Fish

  6. Who saved the young Adolf Hitler from drowning?

    Answer: A priest, Max Tremmel saved him.

  7. Which American State was first to allow women working in public offices and juries?

    Answer: Wyoming State.

  8. How long an average menstrual cycle lasts for?

    Answer: 3-5 days.

  9. According to the old proverb, to which European capital city do all roads lead?

    Answer: Rome.

  10. Which ocean is the deepest?

    Answer: Pacific Ocean.

  11. Which part of the body would a chiropodist treat?

    Answer: Feet.

  12. Which country was the first to allow women voting?

    Answer: New Zealand

  13. When did Pope Benedict XVI resign?

    Answer: In February 2013

  14. What year the first test tube baby experiment succeeded?

    Answer: On 25th July, 1978.

  15. Which country allowed the first gay marriage?

    Answer: Canada.

  16. Where is the largest Aquarium in the United States?

    Answer: Georgia Aquarium.

Fun Trivia Questions and Answers for high school students

fun students

  1. Which finger’s nail grows fast?

    Answer: Middle Finger.

  2. What is the boiling temperature of water?

    Answer: 100 Centigrade.

  3. Name five great lakes of the United States.

    Answer: Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario.

  4. What is the freezing temperature of water?

    Answer: 0 Centigrade

  5. What does PhD stand for?

    Answer: Doctor of Philosophy.

  6. When was the Harvard University founded?

    Answer: 8th September 1836.

  7. How many times Cristiano Ronaldo has won the “Best Player Award”?

    Answer: Five times.

  8. Which river passes through Madrid?

    Answer: Manzanares River

  9. When was the first Calendar made?

    Answer: 1582.

  10. Which river is situated at London?

    Answer: River Thames

  11. Which elements were discovered in 1774?

    Answer: Oxygen, Manganese, and chlorine.

  12. Who is the author of Harry Porter Series?

    Answer: J.K. Rowling.

  13. What is the other name of Deuterium?

    Answer: Heavy Water.

  14. When did the first man landed on the Moon?

    Answer: Neil Armstrong.

  15. Where is the Mount Everest Situated?

    Answer: Nepal.

  16. What is the Chemical Formula of Sulfuric Acid?

    Answer: H2SO4.

  17. Name all the planets.

    Answer: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

  18. Which color is the best absorbent?

    Answer: Black.

  19. What does LCM mean in Mathematics?

    Answer: Least Common Multiple.

  20. Who said these words? 'I am the president of United States and I am not going to eat any more broccolis.’

    Answer: George Bush.

  21. What is the Capital of Texas?.

    Answer: Austin

  22. What does NASA stand for?

    Answer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

  23. Where was President Obama born?

    Answer: In Hawaii, USA.

  24. Which famous document begins with 'When in the course of human events...'?

    Answer: Declaration of Inpendence.

  25. Which state is known as the Switzerland of America?

    Answer: New Hampshire.

  26. When did the Brexit vote happen?

    Answer: 23rd June 2016.

  27. Who invented the piano?

    Answer: Bartolomeo Cristofori

  28. Name the second person landed on the moon?

    Answer: Buzz Aldrin

  29. Which City hosted the Summer Olympics of 2012?

    Answer: London.

  30. Name the spacecraft which took the first man to the moon.

    Answer: Apollo 13.

  31. Which planet is nearest to the Sun?

    Answer: Mercury.

  32. What is peninsula?

    Answer: A piece of land surrounded by water three sides.

  33. Which action burns more calories? Watching TV or sleeping?

    Answer: Sleeping.

  34. Who gives the theory of relativity?

    Answer: Albert Einstein.

  35. Who invented telescope?

    Answer: Galileo.

  36. What does FBI stand for?

    Answer: Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  37. Which is the deadliest snake of the world?

    Answer: The Black Mamba.

  38. Who discovered Atom?

    Answer: J. J. Thompson.

  39. What is the Chemical symbol of Iron?

    Answer: Fe.

  40. The Top stripe of the U.S Flag is Red or White?

    Answer: Red.

  41. Whose picture is on a dime?

    Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  42. What two letters never appear on the telephone dial?

    Answer: Q and Z.

  43. Which country has the largest are of Land?

    Answer: Russia.

Fun Win trivia Questions

fun win


  1. Who is the only bachelor president of the American history?

    Answer: James Buchanan Jr.

  2. Which president appeared on the show “Laugh in”?

    Answer: Richard Nixon.

  3. What is the longest running American TV show?

    Answer: Law and Order with 20 seasons.

  4. What does it mean if you see a spider on a Halloween?

    Answer: A loved one of yours is watching around you.

  5. What U.S. state is home to Acadia National Park?

    Answer: Maine.

  6. What is the longest running TV show of the world?

    Answer: Sabado Gigante

  7. What yeat did the Arab Spring begin?

    Answer: 2010.

  8. In a book, which page sides are the even number on?

    Answer: left.

  9. Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?

    Answer: Grant.

  10. When the Eifel tower’s construction was began?

    Answer: 28 January 1887.

  11. Where are the pyramids situated?

    Answer: In Egypt.

  12. Who constructed the Massive bell of big Ben which cracked badly?

    Answer: John Warner & Sons

  13. Who was the first black president of the United States?

    Answer: John Hanson.

  14. What are the three primary colors?

    Answer: Red, Green, and Yellow.

  15. How many people have walked on the Moon?

    Answer: 12.

  16. Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

    Answer: A fruit.

  17. How many key are there in a piano?

    Answer: 88

  18. Where is the world’s largest gold deposit?

    Answer: The Grasberg Mine

  19. Ailurophobe is an extreme fear from which animal?

    Answer: Cats

  20. Does the male mosquito bite?

    Answer: No, the female mosquito bites.

  21. Which sentence has all the alphabets in it?

    Answer: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

  22. When did the English Language start?

    Answer: 5th to 7th Century.

  23. Who created the Slogan of “Keep Calm and Carry on”?

    Answer: The British.

  24. What is the meaning of Birkenhead drill?

    Answer: Women and Children first.

  25. Which is the smallest bone in the body?

    Answer: Stapes.

  26. Which animal is the official symbol of WWF?

    Answer: The Great Panda.

  27. In which country Halloween was originated?

    Answer: Ireland.

  28. Which is the financial hub of Switzerland?

    Answer: Zurich.

  29. In which city Martin Luther was assassinated?

    Answer: Memphis, Tennessee.

  30. What is the common alternative name of Black Leopard?

    Answer: Panther

  31. What is the abbreviation of MMS?

    Answer: Multimedia Messaging Service.

  32. What is the common name of the infant of the whale

    Answer: Calf

  33. How many stars are there on Australian Flag?

    Answer: 5

  34. Where the pumpkins grow?

    Answer: On vines.

  35. Which famous city means 'house of meat/bread' in Arabic/Hebrew?

    Answer: Bethlehem.

  36. In the 1980s, which player consecutively won the singles of Wimbledon?

    Answer: Fred Perry.

  37. Who is the founder of Toyota Company?

    Answer: Kiichiro Toyoda.

  38. What is the 30th element in the periodic table?

    Answer: Zinc.

  39. What creamy beverage is named from Dutch 'lawyer's drink'?

    Answer: Advocate.

  40. How many times the Smartphone users touch their screens each day?

    Answer: 2700 times.

  41. Which country has not fought a war since 1814?

    Answer: Sweden.

  42. Which country owns the Bermuda Islands?

    Answer: Britain

Fun Bible trivia Questions

  1. Where was Jesus born?

    Answer: Bethlehem

  2. Which is the longest verse of Bible?

    Answer: Ester 8:9

  3. Which is the longest chapter in Bible?

    Answer: Psalm 119

  4. After Jesus was arrested, which apostle disowned him three times?

    Answer: Peter

  5. How many people did Jesus feed with five loaves of bread and two fish?

    Answer: 5000 men.

  6. How many books are in the Bible?

    Answer 66

  7. How many books are in the Catholic Bible?

    Answer: 73

  8. Which Gospel is written by a doctor?

    Answer: Luke.

  9. What type of insect did John the Baptist eat in the desert?

    Answer: Locusts.

  10. Name the 7 books of the Catholic Bible.

    Answer: 1. Tobit.

    2. Judith.

    3. Additions to Esther (Vulgate Esther 10:4–16:24)

    5. Wisdom (also called the Wisdom of Solomon)

    6. Sirach (also called Ecclesiasticus)

    7. Baruch

  11. On which Island Paul was shipwrecked?

    Answer: Malta.

  12. Which is the shortest chapter of Bible?

    Answer: Psalm 117.

  13. What is king James Bible?

    Answer: It is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England.

  14. How many versus are in the Bible?

    Answer: 31,102 verses

  15. Who baptizes Jesus?

    Answer: John The Baptist.

  16. Who wrote the act of Apostles in the New Testament bible?

    Answer: Luke.

  17. What is the first book of old Testament?

    Answer: Genesis.

Fun history Trivia Questions

  1. Who was the God of wine in Greek’s mythology?

    Answer: Dionysus.

  2. Which religion’s people are the followers of Gautama Buddha?

    Answer: Buddhism.

  3. Name the redhead former President of America?

    Answer: George Bush.

  4. Who was the first female DJ on the Radio?

    Answer: Anny Nightingale.

  5. When was the first FM Radio broadcasted?

    Answer: On June 17, 1936.

  6. Which U.S. president sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory?

    Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

  7. During what war did 76 POWs make what came to be known as (The Great Escape)?

    Answer: World War II.

  8. Where did the Velvet Revolution occur?

    Answer: Czechoslovakia

  9. Which founding father is known for his large signature on the United States Declaration of Independence?

    Answer: John Hancock.

  10. Who was the third President of America?

    Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

  11. When was Euro introduced?

    Answer: 1st January 1999.

  12. When and where was the EU formed?

    Answer: 1 November 1993 in Maastricht, Netherlands

  13. When was Abraham Lincoln born?

    Answer: 12th February 1809.

  14. Which country defeated the Arabs in the battle of tours?

    Answer: France

  15. When Germany did signed the unconditional surrender of WWII?

    Answer: May 7, 1945.

  16. Name the American mail service of 1860 that used horses and riders?

    Answer: Pony Express.

  17. Who was the first president of America which declared the war against Great Britain?

    Answer: James Madison

  18. When was Russia founded as a country?

    Answer: In 1991.

  19. When was the Soviet Union dissolved?

    Answer: Between the year 1990 to 1991.

  20. Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

    Answer: John Wilkes Booth.

  21. When was the USA discovered?

    Answer: 12 October 1492.

  22. When and how was the nuclear energy used for the first time?

    Answer: In 1951 for the power generation.

  23. What was the original Dutch name of New York?

    Answer: Nieuw Amsterdam.

  24. Who firstly called New York as the Empire State?

    Answer: George Washington.

  25. What was the first capital of the United States?

    Answer: Philadelphia.

  26. Who won the 2010 special election in Massachusetts to fill the U.S. Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy?

    Answer: Scott Brown.

  27. When China did conduct their first nuclear test?

    Answer: On 16th October 1964.

  28. Which country was the third to become an independent atomic power?

    Answer: Britain.

  29. When was the Chernobyl disaster occurred?

    Answer: April 26, 1986.

  30. Who was the first President of Canada?

    Answer: Sir John A. Macdonald.

  31. When Kofi Annan did won the Nobel Prize for peace?

    Answer: In 2001.

Fun movie Trivia Questions

  1. Which actor is famous for saying “I’ll be back”?

    Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  2. When was Titanic released?

    Answer: 1997.

  3. When was the first motion picture released?

    Answer: in 1878.

  4. What is the name of the first color picture?

    Answer: Cupid Angling.

  5. What is the name of first Disney colored film?

    Answer: Snow white and Seven Dwarfs.

  6. When the original Jurassic park was released?

    Answer: 1993

  7. When was originally Jumanji released officially?

    Answer: 20 December 2017.

  8. What was the first film of Brad pit?

    Answer: Thelma & Louise

  9. Who directed the movie “Playing for Keeps”?

    Answer: Harvey Weinstein

  10. In which year, the movie 2012 was released?

    Answer: 2009.

  11. Which fictional city is Batman’s home?

    Answer: Gotham City.

  12. In 2010, which movie won the Academy Award of Best Picture?

    Answer: The Hurt Locker.

  13. When was the movie “The Hustler” released?

    Answer: In 1969.

  14. Love means never having to say you're sorry. It is a dialogue from which film?

    Answer: Love Story

  15. Which actress plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies?

    Answer: Jennifer Lawrence.

  16. What is the name of the Dog in the “Wizard of Oz”?

    Answer: The Dog Terry played the role of Toto in the movie.

  17. Name three Hollywood actors who died on shooting/production?

    Answer: Brandon Lee, John Ritter, and Tyrone Power.

  18. How many films Angelina Julie has directed?

    Answer: At least 47.

  19. Which actress played the title role in the film “Pretty Woman”?

    Answer: Julia Roberts.

  20. “When you got nothing, you have nothing to lose.” Which famous movie the dialogue belonged to?

    Answer: Titanic

  21. What was the name of the whale in the movie “Free Willy”?

    Answer: Killer Whale.

  22. Name the monkey of the film “Aladdin”.

    Answer: Abu

  23. What is the name of the kingdom where the 2013 animated movie Frozen is set?

    Answer: Arendelle

  24. Name three richest actresses in the world.

    Answer: Sandra Bullock, Jessica Alba, and Jami Gertz.

  25. In what year Brad Pitt and Jen announced to separate?

    Answer: In 2005.

  26. When the song was “This is what you come for” was released?

    Answer: In 2016.


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